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Review: Mantra – Medium

by Lukrecija Mesek


Mantra – Medium

1. Body
2. Mind
3. Medium

Label: Finisterian Dead End
Date: October 18, 2019

Hailing from France, Mantra greets us with Progressive Metal. Since 2009 they have released two demo albums “Let the Light Be” and “Tribal Warning”, one EP “Toward the Light” and two full length albums “Into the Light” and “Laniakea”. Now they present their third full length album “Medium”.

At first glance I wasn’t sure what I have in front of me. I was staring at three songs that I would assume that are like any other, fairly short/long, depends how you wanna look at it. But the second I played them I realized, they are quite long. Each song is around 17 minutes long and tells us a story.

First is “Body”. I wouldn’t go very deep about the meaning of the song, because it would take me ages, plus I might get it wrong. I would like to hear from the band to hear what was their idea behind this song. But I can tell you how it sounded to me. The intro is really nice and calm. I was surprised with clean vocals really nicely produced. I don’t know why I expected to hear just noise and some unrecognizable growl. Through the song we have difference in tempo and oscillations in melody. It takes you on a journey, kinda to show you the way how to get to know your own body.

Next song is “Mind”. This song starts a bit rough, kinda you can feel it as chaos, and after initial chaos, comes the peace. Charming melody that takes over with beautiful voice that is questioning everything. Melodically different from “Body”, “Mind” takes you from chaos to peace all the way through the song. It feels like battlefield inside the mind. At one point we can only hear guitar, picking chords (kinda like flamenco, but slow and gentle), slowly building up onward something heavy, just so it can slow down again and show you how peace of mind sounds like.

Third and last song is “Medium”. It starts with powerful intro and words “Welcome back together!” It feels like it’s telling us the story of joining the body and mind. Really strong melodies followed by beautiful vocals one more time. The progression of the song takes us to the whole other dimension and I think that with this song the whole concept is really nicely closed.

IThe album is done with lot of attention and dedication. All of the songs are produced at high level and everything is mixed just right. When it comes to the question if the album is good, I would say excellent! This is something I would listen in some special occasions. And I will definitely recommend you to listen to it!


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