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Review: Malevolent Creation – The 13th Beast

by Aleksandar Saradžić
Malevolent Creation

Malevolent Creation – The 13th Beast

1. End the Torture
2. Mandatory Butchery
3. Agony for the Chosen
4. Canvas of Flesh
5. Born of Pain
6. The Beast Awakened
7. Decimated
8. Bleed Us Free
9. Knife at Hand
10. Trapped Inside
11. Release the Soul

Label: Century Media
Date: January 18, 2019

“Dead Man’s Path” paved the way for the album “The 13th Beast”, monumental 13th album of this absolute veterans and masters of death metal.

To be honest, I wasn’t so much into Malevolent Creation’s after “In Cold Blood” material. It’s not that I think that they are bad or good, I simply moved onto other bands.

When they released their thirteenth album, I was really eager to hear it. Especially because I wanted to hear what they will do with vocal lines, since it is impossible to replace energy and madness that Brett Hoffmann voice brought into death metal.

With this one Phil Fasciana and crew brought to us almost 50 minutes of clear and totally straight forward death metal, enriched with spirit of nineties golden era of the genre. No slam, no modern crap, just death metal as it should be.

To be totally straight with you, I didn’t really expect this good album. As we all know a lot of veteran metal bands “watering down” their music, but Malevolent Creation undeceive me with this mind-blowing full-length. Can’t believe with how much energy and aggression they made this one. I think that even Brett (rest in power) will be proud on this one.

Yet again, mister Phil proved us that he is a great riff-maker. From slow riffs til furious fast ones, this man is the real deal. Nevertheless he entered in sixth decade of his life, his death metal hunger is still well and stronger than ever.

Drums are played great on the “The 13th Beast”. Philip Cancilla made good job and provide brilliant rhythm leading on this album. If you like slow paced stuff, if you like blasting on drums; this album will give you all of the rhythms. This man overblow all expectations with this work.

The very important thing in production work on this album, at least in my eyes; is that real legend of metal sound made mixing and mastering of the sound, none other than Dan Swanö.

Everyone who ever listened metal music and especially death metal, knows this name. He made par excellence job on this material. You can hear dash of glorious nineties on album but yet again it is great even in today’s standards.

And we came to the most intriguing stuff on this album. I wasn’t familiar with work Lee Wollenschlaeger, so I wanted to hear how his vocals will be performed and fit on Malevolent Creation’s music. I press “play” button, song “End the Torture” started. Oh man, this dude sounds like thunder and lightning in a perfectly shaped growling. He carried out whole album with strong and powerful voice, totally blow me away with his performance. Can’t wait to see him on the stage with them.

Century Media Records once again proved that they are really a mainstream fortress of some of the best black metal, death metal, heavy metal, thrash metal bands to this date. They are on the good path to bring back Malevolent Creation in the highest peak of death metal, where they belong rightfully.

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