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Review: Magnolia – Cynthia

by Bart Tomaszewski



Magnolia – Cynthia

1.  Ode
2.  Magmolia
3.  Nevoeiro
4.  Magia de Cynthia
5.  Abismo
6.  Eterna Saudade
7.  Folhas Ao Vento
8.  Penedo da Saudade
9.  Trilogia do Obituario
10. Viriato
11. Almas Partidas
12. Desfecho
Label: Fatsound Productions
Date: December 5, 2019

There was brutal and demonic longer time, so now to calm down time has come. Well, some connection between Brazilian bands and Magnolia I found. But it has nothing too do with music as well! So what connection it is?!? This is about history – Brazil was Portugease colony until 1822. Besides, everything is different with Magnolia and bands I wrote about earlier!

Unfortunately I don’t know a lot  about this Portugease trio. Actually only that “Cynthia” is their debut album and this is some concept behind this. Band wanna pay a tribute to the place of its origin – Sintra. In press info or how calls this, there’s also written something about forests and mysticism. Well, maybe I’m strange, but I connote something else with meaning of word”mysticism”. Anyways, this is individual case of everyone, so I absolutely don’t doubt that for Filipa, Nuno and Paulo this is it!

Of course label used some complicated name to call this, but… I was never about names and terms! I think such complicated ones like “Folk Metal Ambient Metal Post Doom FaDoom” say anything. Especially this last word in my opinion more then mysterious. So let’s leave this! The most important fact is that music you can listen to on “Cynthia” is very calm, in some way (as for me only in some way) mystical, nostalgic and so on with Portugease lyrics. You’ll don’t find here any, let’s say, typical instruments for Metal or even Rock. Well, maybe drums… By the way, for me this is very good music to relax or listen on, the best, rainy evening. But I know there’re fans of such sounds who will just love this! Anyways, stuff is available both as CD and in digital form. You don’t need to ask what I’d prefer to have, if I had a big  lust for “Cynthia”.

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