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Review: Lucid Conformity – Architects of Madness

by Bart Tomaszewski

Lucid Conformity – Architects of Madness

1. Spoils of the Bloodthiesty
2. Monolithic War Machine
3. Age of Abhorence
4. Man Made Messiah
5. Architects of Madness
6. World Eater
7. Life Stealer
Label: Recharger Records 
Date: May 1, 2020

What you connote Nottingham with? To be honest, my the very first connotations with name of this city are football club Nottingham Forest and… Series “Robin of Sherwood” I watched as a kid. By the way, my last two reviews was about bands with long, long experience. And here we have one more quite young band. Actually it was born (2017) as a studio project. But it doesn’t mean musicians aren’t experienced ones. This is even contrary. They cooperated with a lot of bands and, honestly, when I read the names, I expected something else then I hear on this album. That’s why I decided I’ll don’t mention these names on here to don’t make also you wrong. But believe me, that are really legendary and meaningful names for all Metalheads!

They played in their own ensembles, too. Don’t take me wrong, this is surely Metal you can listen on “Architects…”. And what kind of Metal is it? Well, answer on this question is quite complicated. There’re elements of several sub-genres on, of course, debut release of the band. This is also coz of vocals. We have here some growling, some clean singing, but mostly this is full of aggression and craziness screaming I’d connote with Crossover, maybe Thrash Metal as well. The same situation is with guitar and even drums. Riffs change quite often, but this is impossible to classify them somehow. I mean, sometimes they’re even Death Metal ones, but sometimes (it takes also solos, at least some of them, I guess) Power ones, sometimes Thrash ones…. Drums’ work is developed, too. It happen a lot in this music and this is in the same time full of aggression, some kind of brutality and so on. That’s why let’s fuck terms and enjoy this! I can guarantee you that in general you’ll don’t be bored during listening to “Architects of Madness”. By the way, very accurate tittle in my opinion, coz in voice of Dale I can hear just madness as well. I’m not sure if I’ll listen to this album very often, but surely will back to this from time to time.

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