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Review: Living Gate – Deathlust

by Lukrecija Mesek

Living Gate – Deathlust

1. The Delusion Of Consciousness
2. Roped
3. Deathlust
4. Heaven Ablaze
5. Living Gate

Label: Relapse Records
Date: June 12, 2020

Well here is something I didn’t thought I will have chance to say any time soon: Here is fresh blood, ladies and gentlemen, I present you Living Gate.

These strange Death Metal band is gathering members from Belgium and USA. I have to admit, interesting combination. Even though they just started, they greeted the world with their EP “Deathlust”.

The great thing about introducing new bands to the fans is really special for me, but on the other hand, I have no clue what else should I write about them. So I’ll do my best to start this story.

From the beginning they start fast, powerful and without compromise, as a band and on their album. Not much of introduction needed as they punch you in the face with bitch-I’m-here attitude, and you have no other option than listen to what they have to say.

Mighty riffs, blasting drums and strong growl on top of that. They gave us great introduction in what they can deliver. I was nicely surprised with amount of energy they can deliver through each song and I would love to see them play live. Also, the song “living Gate” has really nice and calming outro which was also surprising and I have to tell you a bit of refreshment, though I do not understand sudden cut in “The Delusion of Consciouness”. The ending alone, doesn’t seem like part of the song, rather it’s like bridge or individual song.

There is one other issue that I would like to mention. But this one goes not just for them, but to all other bands as well. LYRICS!!! You know, the list of words that you growl/mumble/sing/recite or whatever the hell you’re doing. It’s so much better to show them to the world so that we don’t have to guess what the band was trying to say in their songs.

Over all, nice album. You asked for Death Metal, Living Gate brought you Death Metal.

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