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Review: Lectern – Deheadment For Betrayal

by Miloš Šebalj

Lectern – Deheadment For Betrayal

  1. Deheadment for Betrayal
  2. Placid Must Defunct
  3. Daedal of Thy Wrath Unchrist Altar
  4. Provvid as Gemel Confessors
  5. Leals Shalt Kill
  6. Perturb in Lamb Thronal
  7. Dogmatician of Predicator
  8. Pamphlet Spawn at Gelid Crypt Satan
Label: Via Nocturna
Date: March 30, 2018

Italy, as a country, has a vast amount of riches in many aspects, most notably art. When talking about the form of art we are mostly here for, music was not one of the most prominent exports from the Apennines in a very long time. Speaking about Metal, especially extreme types of Metal, you can probably count the exceptional pieces that made a landmark on the global scene on your fingers. Will Lectern make a difference?

The band was created way back in 1999, however they have quickly gotten to an almost decade long hiatus. After the reformation their discography has gotten quite rich, so here we are talking about their third album. The music itself can be easily described as Death Metal. If we go into details, we will find their sound mostly influenced by the U.S. veterans. When we talk about the American scene, one usually points towards Florida, and it is not far from truth when it comes to these four Italians. You get a healthy dose of Deicide brutality, Morbid Angel song structures and that Obituary patented atmosphere in the slower sections. With that being said, Lectern shows a decent technical side to their creation so we get connotations to the likes of Suffocation for instance. Very good production work gives this album an extra edge which will surely be appreciated by the fans of the genre.

Everything seems on the highest level here, however, this album is missing something. For me personally, it is the lack of catchy tunes. Simply put, we are dealing with very decent Death Metal, “by the book”, with all the standards of the genre covered, yet it all stays average. There is no hook, no memorable riffs which stay in your head for a while, nothing that will make Lectern step out of the thousands of similar bands. Sure, the hard core fans of the genre might be delighted with this output, but the question still remains.

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