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Review: Leather Witch -Leather Witch

by Bart Tomaszewski
1. Pull the Tigger
2. Stranger then Death
3. Day of Glory
4. Murder Ride
5. No Pain, No Game
6. Fest Killer
7. Do It for Money
8. Leather Witch
Label: Steel Shark RTecords
Date: April 19th, 2020

Let’s leave Europe for a while and move to the continent where the most, I guess, of people are really crazy about football. But there’s also a lot of them who are crazy about our beloved music. I think you already know what am talking about and your the very first connotation is Brazil with its huge and in the same time great scene. But also in other countries of South (and in general Latin) America there’s many very good, and sometimes even legendary, bands. In the motherland of these one girl and four guys this is surely Masacre.OK, after this quite long introduction, I coming to the point and will tell you something about Leather Witch and their debut album entitled just like the ensemble. Well, the only thing I can and should mention is date of birth of that – 2017. So, there’s nothing strange ion fact that they had any release before, ah?

Actually, I wanted to say one more thing. Music, even if definitely is Metal,playing by residents of Pereira and Manizales is very different from what present Masacre. “Leather Witch” contains eight tracks. Musicians, at least on their EM, call their creativity Heavy/Speed Metal. And I can generally agree with this term, even if think there’s maybe a little touch of Speed, but Heavy here is a primary if not the only one. But hell with nomenclature and number of terms! I know this is important and help you to know more about this full-length, but who cares about it. The most important is if you should grab this album as well. And in my opinion the answer is: yes, you should do it. The fact is that there’s nothing special in debut of Colombians. I mean, I heard such playing hell knows how many times in my life, but as for me this is the best recommendation! Guys don’t even try to be original in some way. In voice of Tania you can also hear fascination of several Gods of Metal. I have impression that she likes a lot some legendary vocalist from Birmingham.

Probably I’m too optimistic in this point, but I think you all know who I know there’s many bands in Birmingham, but only one Heavy Metal legend created in 1970. OK, the first name of first vocalist of thee this band is Al. Now, everyone knows, I hope. If not then I’m going to look for some line and tree! By the way, she sings very nice and with, of course, power and even aggression in voice. Guys play their instruments well, too. Riffs and songs’ construction aren’t  too complicated, we haven’t many technical “look how great musician am I”, but this is what makes we have no doubts, even few seconds, that this is Metal band and members are Metalheads who don’t care about creating some nice romantic songs.

I like this and as soon as possible will get a CD or vinyl version of this stuff. This is available in French new label Steel Shark Records. So if you like, and I actually can’t imagine that there can be a Metalhead who don’t like such playing, good Heavy Metal – just grab this album!

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