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Review: Krull – The Black Coast

by Ivona Bogner
 Krull  Krull – The Black Coast

  1. In The Woods
  2. The Witch
  3. By Steel
  4. Marching to the Mountains
  5. Valhalla
  6. The King and the Sword
  7. Immortals
  8. Stand, Fight to Kill
  9. The Black Coast

Label: Iron Shield Records

Date: April 27, 2018

If you ever wondered does hard work really pay off, the answer is yes. The perfect example is Brazilian band Krull. After years of struggle in cruel metal world to prove they have the X factor, they finally released debut album “The Black Coast” via Iron Shield Records.

Krull was formed in 1998 in Itu, São Paulao, Brazil, under the name Suprema. On 2001, they changed the band name and started playing as Eternal Fate. Over the years they released three EP′s: “Warrior Angel” (2003), “Promised Land” (2005) and “Metal Swords and Fire” (2018), all three as independent releases.  After numerous line up changes, since 2015 the band performs as Krull.

Krull focused lyrics on Hyborian era, Middle Ages, Medieval epic battles, terror tales, wars…

When you start listening the album vocals might surprise you. Luis Carlos Domingos sounds like Hägar the Horrible on steroids clashes Udo Dirkscneider. At first, that might rip your ears, but give him a chance. The vocal range goes from weak, powerless struggle to powerful growl and scream. Brave,  enthusiastic, egoistic move, call it whatever you want, but since the band has potential, maybe Luis Carlos Domingos should choose the best sailing course in the future to come: growl and scream instead clean.

Production seems to be pretty raw, but if the idea was to bring us back three decades, than it is justified. The album has melody, memorable lyrics, great solos, bizarre sound. Vocals, for some might be unacceptable, but at last, next time when you hear it, you will know you are listening Krull.

Note to myself: no more vocal analysis till I learn to sing!

“The Black Coast” is concept album. Carlos Luis Domingos said in interview for Metal Jacket Magazine:

The story is set in the Hiborian age of a Warrior King called Balthus, which protects Seven Kingdoms, and will go to the black coast, to free his son Conn  from the Taramis Witch. It is based and inspired by the tales of Robert E. Howard…

“In The Woods – Intro”, leads us to… “The Witch”. Simply amazing song with memorable riffs that hooks you in the speed of light.Song by song, Krull reveals fantastic world, and it seems he worked hard to complete the story. It has all composition standards of an epic story, which is the big plus.

There is no metal album without ballads, and “Valhalla”, despite vocals that might be improved at some parts, is hidden pearl of the album.

“The King and the Sword”, same as the “Valhalla” has the one flaw: clean vocal. Riffs and solos are written at high level. Ricky De Camargo, the newcomer, was the right choice for guitar position. Skilled, highly professional, brings Krull to the brighter future, I hope.

The album cover is simply amazing. As a fan of comic books, old school style is simply the winner.

This is an epic album of an epic band that will shine in the future to come!

Highlights: “The Witch”, “By Steel”, “Marching to Mountains”, “Valhalla”, “Stand Fight to Kill”


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