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Review: Kromorth – Geodesic Beast

by Miloš Šebalj

Kromorth – Geodesic Beast

  1. Geodesic Beast
  2. Human Deception
  3. Kromorthian Warrior
  4. Catatonic Fury
  5. King Pan
  6. Descendants of Serpent
  7. Satanic Etny
  8. Hymn of Apocalypse
  9. Fire of Transmutation
  10. Enemies on Fire
  11. The Illuminati
  12. Annihilate the Nazarene
Label: Diabolicum Records
Date: November 15, 2018

It will probably come as a shock to some people but drummers are still people, so the social conventions and a bill of human rights does apply to them as well. Having said that, I must extend my thoughts towards Elton Bernadinno who suffered an extended torment while recording this album. I can’t even imagine how he manages to survive Kromorth live performances.

All jokes aside, this album is comprised of 31 minutes of blast beat. I’m not kidding people! No slowdowns, just a few tempo changes from fastest to speed of light and vice versa. To tell you the truth, I’ve got a headache, and not from intense headbanging. These drums kill the entire feeling of the album. I don’t know whose fault is this but you can hardly notice where one song ends and the next one begins. The Brazilian quartet released a debut full length album and it is fairly boring. Kromorth performs Death Metal in a very brutal manner yet steers clear of the technical side of the genre. Apart of complex guitar solos, this is pretty much straight forward music. Simple but effective riffing and strong vocals are the defining aspects of Kromorth. As far as this is concerned, they have shown a decent level of creative skills. Original is probably too strong word here, but these guys certainly don’t just replay what’s already been heard. Another plus on this release is the length itself, since they keep their songs short and to the point. It is the drum pattern (yes, singular) that just ruins everything here, so that it seems to last eternally. For comparison you can use their country mates Rebaelliun. Still, if you ask me, Kromorth should just take a look to Krisiun (if we stay in Brazil) for examples of how to arrange their songs in a more diverse manner.

Death Metal fans will surely be satisfied to some extent with this release. It is my opinion that there are a lot of better albums in this regard, and there is no real need to get this one exactly.

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