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Review: Kringa – Feast Upon The Gleam

by Daniel Pinheiro

Kringa – Feast Upon The Gleam

1. As Kaleidoscopic Patterns Arise 
2. Unwind The Gap Anew! 
3. To Sleep In Vermin Velvet
4. Eroding Passage
5. Cloak Of Unbound Fears
6. Eyers Of Stone

Label: Terratur Possessions
Date: August 21, 2019

When the line-up for the 5th edition of the Invicta Reqviem Mass came out, some of the names were unknown to me. I wish I could be on top of everything that comes out every single day, but my day only has 24h, and I do have a life… Most of the time. One of those names was the band I am reviewing here: Kringa. Austrian. Black Metal.

They were totally unknown to me, and I did paint a mental image, considering they are playing IRM, and knowing very well what to expect from the people behind said festival. Did that image reflect the atmosphere and sonic expression of the festival? In a way it did, but on the other hand… it did come a bit far from it, but we will get back to that…

After releasing three demos and three EPs since 2011, 2019 sees the release of their first full-length, through the Austrian label Voidland Shelter, “Feast Upon The Gleam”.

Throughout these six songs various levels of emotions are displayed and fed to the listener. Moments of despair are not forgotten, take the last track, for example, “Eyers of Stone”, and its almost claustrophobic ambiance and the way the vocals – screams, mostly – guide the listener to that point of pain and agony.

There are folk melodies swirling around with severe aggressive Black Metal riffs… Superb! Epic moments of Strength and Power, descending into a spiral of darkness and hatred. It is a truly miscellaneous set of songs: slow moments, faster instants, folkish details, punkish fine points… The vocals are always hand in hand with the music, crafting melodic moments without losing a bit of heaviness (“As Kaleidoscopic Patterns Arise”). The bass is also a very “visible” instrument in Kringa’s music, which is, in my book, a must. The way it fills the song, as we can hear in “Unwind The Gap Anew”, gives it a bit more, a bit more dense.

Overall, it is a more than balanced offering, one that will please all those that are into that darker and muddier side of today’s Black Metal. hope to see you all in Portugal for the Invicta Reqviem Mass and may we drink beer and bang our heads to Kringa.

I have to admit, these guys presented an exquisite album. I will have to check their previous releases…

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