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Review: Kontagion – KO[R-!-E]

by Bart Tomaszewski

Kontagion – KO[R-!-E]

1. Luddites’ Paradise
2. Neuralgia
3. Sentenced To Vegetate
4. All Of You Collapse
5. KO[R-!-E]

Label: Infernum Media
Date: December 23, 2017

One of my friends from my home-city sent me stuff of two bands he plays in some time ago. His primary band is called Unborn Suffer and plays generally Grindcore. The one we’ll talk about, Kontagion, was born in the year 2007. Since then, the band released two albums and some other stuff. The newest one, from 2017, is “KO[R-!-E]”. Strange title, ah?!? Well, music is the same, though I heard in my life stranger things (for example Polish Kinsky)… 🙂

What we have here is five songs, by the way. Musically this is even harder to define what guys play than in the case of Unborn Suffer. They call it Industrial/Groove Metal and I can agree with this first part. It’s exactly what we metalheads called Industrial in 90’s and I hear here some influences of the legendary bands of this genre. Of course, everything is based on classic instrumentation and electronics are used actually only in the title song (last one on this digital release). Well, there are also some delicate samples, but to be honest they are rare. The songs structure isn’t very complicated, even if this is surely technically advanced (nothing strange is in that coz the band has experienced musicians who were and still are members of several ensembles) and some solutions sound unexpected. Anyways, we definitely have Metal to deal with here. Fast parts happen not so often, but you can easily recognize fascination of Grind in them. Riffs are mostly broken, but not exactly in Death Metal way. However, some other influences are also noticeable. Drum-machine programming isn’t as twisted as riffs very often are. But the work of this machine is in the most massive for sure – regardless of tempo. The Metal character of this music can be seen from the growling. We have some clean parts, even melodic in standard meaning of this word from time to time, but it is still growling which totally dominates.

To sum up, this music is for people who love or at least like to listen sometimes to such strange stuff. As I said before there’s no doubt that this is Metal, but at the same time this is any of “base” sub-genres of our beloved music. This isn’t even any kind of mix of them. On the other hand it also can’t be connected with so called “Nju” (or how the hell it calls) Metal in my opinion!

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