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Review: Klynt – This Is Revenge

by Bart Tomaszewski



Klynt – This Is Revenge

1. Bringer of Doom
2. Wildaxe
3. Bloodstained and Driven
4. Berserk Prayer
5. Question of Steel

Label: Independent 
Date: June 5, 2019

Actually I should write this review few months ago, but unfortunately somehow I forgot about this stuff. So first of all, HUGE, HUGE APOLOGISE to David who sent me this stuff and rest of the line-up!!! OK, so on the beginning a little biographic facts. Just in case you’d also didn’t hear about them earlier. They were found in spring 2008 in capitol city of Styria – Graz. Of course they have some releases (two albums, EP and the single). The newest one is also called as an EP. Well, I’m probably old or something, but as for me this is just a MCD. Anyways, hell with that how we’ll call it. The most important is music, doesn’t it?

So, “This is Revenge” contains five songs, the last one is a really long one (especially as on genre presented by Austrians) and is more then 8.20 long. What music we have on here? Well, I somehow think this is enough to take a look on pic in booklet or even on some portal where you can find Metal bands, and not only, from all around the world. Guys call it Power/Thrash Metal and this is what we can hear on “This is Revenge”, I guess. So we have a lot of melody here, but riffs have some element of aggression, too. In my opinion the most Thrash song is “Berserk Prayer” with sharp riffs. Some elements of mentioned sub-genre of our beloved music are in all four songs (the first one, “Bringer of Doom”, is quite interesting intro actually, but… Generally music is developed, we’re able to hear some solos and so on. Drumming is more in Thrash then Power style mostly. Contrary to vocal, I think – this is let’s say, too melodic and too clean as on Thrash Metal. By the way, these Thrash elements are more connected, as well as, somehow, way guys look like, with American school.

Anyways, I’m happy I got to know this band. Austrians don’t play something edge-cutting or thing. But as for me this is a good news. Besides they do it well, so what to want more? There surely are things to improve and guys know about it for sure. But this is always like that, so… Well, the only thing I don’t like about this band is their logo. But this is question of taste only and have absolutely nothing to do with what I think about their music. Somehow I wanna get to know their earlier releases after listening to “This is Revenge” and this is good sign, doesn’t it?

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