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Review: King Dude – Full Virgo Moon

by Metal Jacket

King Dude – Full Virgo Moon

1. Intro (A Shadow’s Theme)
2. My Rose by the Sea (Satyr Boy)
3. Full Virgo Moon
4. Forty Fives say Six Six Six
5. The Satanic Temple
6. Forgive my Sins
7. Make Me Blind
8. A Funeral Song for Atheists
9. Something about You

Label: Ván Records
Date: 13th of March, 2020

King Dude now is not unknown name anymore. Countless gigs around the globe, albums which push the boundaries of underground folk metal scene. “Full Virgo Moon” is there for you!

And this time like times before, there is a tried and tested formula; his vocals and acoustic guitar. Really 666 reasons to check this new album out. Songs filled with dark romances, Satanic messages and devilish tunes that sticks into mind like needles.

It’s not worth talking about the production of this album, that much. People familiar with the work of the King Dude band know that everything is arranged down to the last detail. Each tune comes perfectly into place and makes the perfect unity. This time it was all beautifully played and the dark atmosphere took its throne again.

Just over half an hour of really great and obscure music awaits you on this release. All this was finely packed and served for fans of dark folk sound by renowned Ván Records publisher.

Again the thing that sets this band apart of the others is the voice of Mr. TJ Cowgill. This man really fits the color of his voice with lyrics that abound with feelings that go from hate and pain to an endless love.

“Full Virgo Moon” is an extremely well-preserved folk album that will surely delight all fans of this dark sound. All I can tell you is “Oh, Death you filthy whore. I crave you more and more.”, Check out the album!

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