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Review: Kill – Devil Mass

by Aleksandar Saradžić

Kill – Devil Mass

1. Initiation
2. The Abyss Calls
3. Prince of Evil Spirits
4. Wilderness Feast
5. Renunciation
6. Black Covenant

Label: Amor Fati Productions
Date: May 17, 2019

I can’t explain why but I always had a “soft spot” for this band in my music taste. Since I have heard their “Inverted Funeral” full-length I gave them really high place in my hierarchy for the bands. With each new material this guys just remind me why are they so up there in my taste.

With the “Devil Mass” Kill’s 6th full-length you will get black metal envenomed with high dose of putrid death metal sound and production that is perfectly raw and nasty. No taking prisoners policy is with this album and with this guys in general. Either you like their sound and art or you will get the fuck off from it.

Furious musical madness was packed in thirty-four minutes for your ears. One of the probably the most underrated bands in Swedish metal scene. 20+ years of existence in formation named Kill certainly can be heard on this one. Experience bursting out from their new album. And as I previously said, production on this one is magnificent for this genre of metal. Every guitar riff, drum kick and vocal sound guys made can be perfectly heard in the material and all that is covered with filthy production. With this one you will not receive MTV black metal production but rather how the true European underground black/death metal sounds in present days.

If you are still trapped in nineties-alike sound like I am, you will find “Devil Mass” material like a perfect sound for your player. Satanic tunes filled with themes like hatred, death and destruction made a killer combination for the Kill’s pathway. No one will make a mistake if they took this album for them. In world of plastic metal, this one is a fire that will melt them all.

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