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Review: Karmic Void – Armageddon Sun

by Metal Jacket
Karmic Void
Karmic Void

Karmic Void – Armageddon Sun

1. Dreaming In Ideal Void
2. Armageddon Rides
3. Blindness, Muteness, Stillness

Label: Terratur Possessions
Date: August 21, 2019

Well… Now that was a bloody good start, and a visceral one, for the matter! Black Metal from the deepest, darkest bowels of the most disturbing Hell! I loved it, to be honest! These three song sadistic feast was born from the Second Wave of (Finnish) Black Metal (the need we have to, not only label music, but also label/define musical eras…) with a pinch of the 80s raw approach to Extreme Metal Music (that production really hits the bull’s eye, pfff).

“Blindness Muteness Stillness”… Martin Ain, are you there, mate? This reeks of Celtic Frost! The slow, heavy, thick guitar wall that is created, is outstanding! And then, the transition into the fast, aggressive and old school side of Black Metal!

But first, a bit of context regarding the band… There is nothing of that here! True. This Demo was conceived in the year 2008 and released in the Tape format– the best, ever – by Terratur Possessions, being their third release. Now, 2019 sees the return of such piece of visceral and disgusting Black Metal! Summoned in the year of our Lord: unknown; by: two blokes from Jyväskylä, Finland – Gorath and Atvar – who play in bands such as Circle of Ouroborussuch and Kêres. Status: unknown. Well… That opened a huuuge Curiosity Hole, for me! I still believe that Black Metal is much more than just the music, therefore I have an enormous amount of respect for all those that, till this day and age, are driven to keep some traditions (?) alive and kicking!

The Music: it goes straight to the jugular with its piercing guitar riffs! The vocals, hidden beneath the wall of sound, resemble what we imagine to be the voice of a demon… if demons had voices, obviously. The music goes from fast paced to almost Doomish, hence the Celtic Frost “disgusting odor”. This is not a cheap Hellhammer/Celtic Frost copycat! This is really, really good! But, it does not live by stealing riffs and structures from another band. No! it lives on its own, crafting a Raw Black Metal atmosphere.

These three, quite long songs – all revolving around the 6 min time frame – are extremely well constructed and put together: strong, harsh, visceral, owners of a rotten melody… it takes me, in terms of “sonic aesthetic”, to the likes of Beherit, Archgoat and I can “see” some Germanic Thrash Metal in there (?), sometimes. Hey, it’s hard and pounding, it’s fast and slow at the same time, Black Metal and it follows the “Guidelines” if they ever were written, ah! I think Angelripper and G. Warrior would feel proud…

In conclusion – sort of something like that: three songs, Visceral and Raw, Black Metal, Finnish Satanic Attack. It played again, for the 4th or 5th time, and it really will please those that believe that today’s Extreme Metal scene, especially the Black Metal one, has sold herself to the Atmospheric and Shoegaze/Post Whatever hype! This is Real Putrid (Finnish) Black Metal, at its best!

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