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Review: Kalmo – Demoni

by Lukrecija Mesek

Kalmo – Demoni

1. Piru
2. Elävä vainaa
3. Lupaus
4. Valo
5. Mustaa
6. Show Me Your Face

Date: May 10, 2019
Label: Independent 

There is no salvation, no place to escape. The demons are here. Plans of doom take shape.

A dark creature was born in the darkness. This demon has grown out of its infancy. Spreading its wings. Ready for the evident end of human kind. Ready to explore all the horrors and burning agony on the way to the doom.

Kalmo is filled with scorching excitement to release its EP “Demoni” on May 10, 2019.

Kalmo (English – Cadaver) is a Finnish one-man doom metal project. The morbid project has a history of almost a decade under different names, releasing material sporadically. Now, within the past two years, Kalmo has put more time and effort into releasing more bestial material. Before releasing this EP, Kalmo has released songs as demos; some with music videos.

The opening track “Piru” is a story about that Old Nick that lures with its twisted phrases all of us to the road of no return. This song was originally released as a demo version with a music video. The video material is cut from the German film Faust, released in 1926.

“Elävä vainaa” is brimming with the smell of smoke and eternal fire. The character of the endless road to damnation is further revealed in the psalms of this song. The song was originally released as a demo version with a music video.

The lyrics for the song “Lupaus” are from an old wooden hearse at St Mary´s Church in Sastamala, Finland, dated 1834. “Lupaus” was written and recorded in a day at a cottage in the middle of the nowhere. The writing process was fueled with beer. The song was released as a demo version.

“Valo” is a desperate cry for light. The innately dark soul of man answers to the alluring temptation of the shadows. This dark psalm is from a few years back and also was released as a brutal demo version.

The track “Mustaa” emanates the silent darkness of the shadows hanging over the void.  “Mustaa” is perhaps the first song written in the story of this one-man doom metal project. It found a new shape during autumn 2018 and was released with a music video.

Kalmo writes its songs in Finnish. The exception to the rule is the bonus track “Show Me Your Face”, which was written for a YouTube competition. The original version was more Demon Quality and Low Fidelity. Fully reformed and re-arranged, it now has more dark strength in its soul and seeks to unfold the listener’s sold soul’s full fate.

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