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Review: Kalaallit Nunaat / Au Revoir – Memories from desolate battlefields…

by Miloš Šebalj

Kalaallit Nunaat / Au Revoir – Memories from desolate battlefields…

  1. Kalaallit Nunaat – Miracles Through the Gates of Time
  2. Kalaallit Nunaat – Doppelgängers Corpses, Battlefields of Cleansing
  3. Au Revoir – In Memory of an Ephemeral Sunshine
Label: This Winter Will Last Forever
Release date: April 20, 2018

Why do you feel the need to make it so long!? I can understand minimalism, primitive Black Metal tendencies, replaying the same old riffs, song structures, but I will never understand the need to make the song containing one or two riffs last for 10 minutes. To make matters even worse, Au Revoir’s song lasts for over 18 minutes. Sadly, it is the best of the three tunes offered here.

Kalaallit Nunaat is a Greenlandic word for Greenland, which is the most notable fact concerning this Italian one-man project. Musically speaking, this band is playing a raw, primitive version of the second wave Scandinavian Black Metal, which is interrupted by long Ambient passages. It’s a damn shame those are the most interesting parts of their two songs, even though they are not all that inventive either. But they do paint a certain picture. Apart of the lack of guitar or drum pattern creativity, the vocals are terrible as well. So, not much to look up to here.

Au Revoir is another one-man project from the Apennines, a bit more successful in its creation. The focus here is on the atmosphere ambience, so you can (and you should) forget about the technical side of music, and enjoy the desolate soundscapes presented. I can surely agree on the Trist and Paysage d’Hiver influences mentioned in the booklet. This song is enjoyable for a while, that’s for sure, however I do start yawning somewhere in the middle of the song.

Since the artwork of the release is truly beautiful I must advise caution to the potential buyer. Considering the fact I have had my fair share of mistakes buying albums just by judging the cover, you really should check this one out before wasting your hard earned cash. Surely, there are fans of such music but count me out.

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