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Review: Joys Of Life – Ausweg/Existenzfeind

by Miloš Šebalj
Joys of Life
Joys of Life

Joys Of Life – Ausweg/Existenzfeind

  1. Bäume (Intro)
  2. Vergraben
  3. Beide Flügel riss ich dem Vogel
  4. Im Tode gebäret
  5. Pannonialied
  6. Kummermagd
  7. Vergewaltiget das Hirn
  8. Die für uns ewig blutet
  9. Unterworfen (Outro)
Label: Jesboligakurac Records
Date: April 27, 2018

​I have written about this band already. Joys of Life had a very promising start with their debut album and now, three years later, I’ve got the sophomore release from this Serbian one-man project for evaluation.

I must tell you right from the start that the things have changed. Upgraded if you will. The first album displayed some sort of experimental, avant-garde Black Metal, while the new one goes in a different direction. Well, not altogether different. You can still find your dose of avant-garde here, yet it seems configured in another way.

Seems like I’m just rambling here, but the album itself makes itself really hard to describe. Joys of Life still uses the basic Black Metal means to their ends. You can still find here the typical screaming vocals, harsh riffing and cold, depressive atmosphere. However, Dopamine (the guy behind this project) mixes things up a bit on this album. There is a big amount of epic, monumental passages here that bring connotations with Pagan Black Metal bands, yet the depressive and nihilistic themes still reign supreme when it comes to the album concept.

Actually, speaking of influences, in the review of the debut album I have mentioned Winterblut but I think this time Joys of Life made a much more straight-forward release yet still holding to the German Black Metal idioms. And I’m not just talking about the German lyrics. This is somewhere between the lucidity of Winterblut and the rawness of Todtgelichter. Arranging such a mixture must have been quite a challenge, but Joys of Life passed with flying colors. The songs on this release are very long, but still hold the attention due to a high number of variations, both in the rhythm and guitar sections.

We got almost an hour of absolutely captivating Black Metal sealed in a claustrophobic atmosphere. Furthermore, this is not an “easy to digest” album. There are many layers to this release out there for you to find them. I would also like to note that Joys of Life offers a pretty original combination of musical styles, whilst still holding on tight to the basics of Black Metal so that none of the traditionalists should be disappointed.

This album is limited to just 90 copies, which is a terrible shame, so you should hunt it down now!

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