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Review: Intaglio – II

by Lukrecija Mesek

When I first got this album to review, I didn’t realize what I’m getting for review. 

It took me some time to listen to this album, but when I finally played it it was magical. 

Intagalio (Инталия) is coming to us from Russia. The band was formed in 2004., but they release their first full album “Инталия” in 2005. In 2019, after years of silence, they are releasing new single “The Memory of Death”, followed with “Subject to Time” in 2020, both singles we can find on their new full lenght album simply named “II“. 

At first I didn’t notice the subtle hint, but the album is divided into two segments.
First we have “Midnight Sonata” divided at 3 individual songs and themes. First “The Night Sky”, than “Melting like Ice…” and finaly “Always Return”.

Besides “Midnight Sonata”, we have “Subject to time”, “The Memory of Death”, “Depths of Space” and “Everything in it’s Place”.
Long and soothing melodies that are hiding glimpses of true metal.

Don’t consider that a bad thing, this album is really master piece. Every song has special vibe, but all together are combined in something very special. I would dare to say even something divine. 

Main focus is on melody, but we can hear vocals now and then. Vocals range from deep growl, to clean vocals, and they each time fit perfectly with the melody and entire song composition.

All in all, if you’re fan of doom metal, than you should put this in your collection. I hope they will bring us new music soon, so that we don’t have to wait 14years for next album.

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