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Review: Infamy – Age of Deceit

by Bart Tomaszewski

Infamy – Age of Deceit

1. Hellfire
2. Fatal Freedom
3. Age of Deception
4. Day of Retribution
5. Smoking Gun
Label: Independent
Date: July 3, 2019

In India live something like 1,5 billions people and Metal scene from there is still almost unknown and threaten as something very exotic, I afraid. And the fact is that there’re really a lot, we can even say: swarm of bands presenting all genres of Metal. I’m not an expert on this field (I mean Indian scene), but it seems located in southern part of Indian subcontinent Bangalore is a city where many active Metalheads is. Well, on the other hand this is nothing strange in that, I think, coz of number of residents – over 10.000.000.

Anyways, Infamy is quite young band found in 2016. “Age of Deceit” is their debut stuff, if we’ll don’t count one song “Day of Retribution” released digitally more or less one month before this… Hm… They call it EP. And here I could and maybe even should once again write my opinion about nomenclature of digital stuffs. But well, am too lazy to do this. So you need to read my other reviews if you wanna know this. By the way, on “Age…” we’re able to listen to five songs of classic as hell Heavy Metal. Well, I can hear some elements of Thrash here, too. But in general this is definitely what I, and I think everyone, at least from my generation, was beginning to listen to Metal itself. Musically stuff is homogeneous, but several changes of line-up did that we have in these five songs three vocalists. To be honest I like the most vocalizations of Vineesh in two first tracks. I have nothing against Aashish (the only original member who still plays in the band) or Nehal, but…

OK, let’s back to the music on a while. We have, just like genres rules says, some solos here and riffs are sharp and melodic in the same time. Of course melodic for us, Metalheads! Drums and bass create also interesting lines and are developed. Generally this is good stuff and I hope guys will attack us soon with some new music. The fact is that there’s absolutely nothing original in that, but as for me this is a huge plus! In in press kit there’s written something that “Age…” is available also on CD. If this is truth then you know what I recommend to grab!


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