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Review: Imha Tarikat – Kara Ihlas

by Metal Jacket
Imha Tarikat

Imha Tarikat – Kara Ihlas

1. I-I: Çökmüş Mühür (The Broken Seal)
2. I-II: Akan Sır (The Flowing Wisdom)
3. II-I: Omninihai Çözümü (Omni-Final Solution)
4. II-II: Katarsis Vaazı (Catharsis Sermon)
5. III-I: Şafaksız Rüya (Dawnless Dream)
6. III-II: Kara Ihlas (Black Purity)
7. III-III: Imha Tarikatı (Sect of Destruction)
8. IV: Son Mistisizm (The Last Mysticism)

Label: Vendetta Records
Date: January 18, 2019

I belive that the name Imha Tarikat doesn’t mean a lot to you. This German band is very young but has very high potential. Throughout the history of underground black metal we had learned that Terratur Possessions rarely misses with signing new bands. When the first EP entitled “Kenoboros” was released through the Norwegians in January 2017, it became clear that this crew have a good pathway to make.

Two years later, this band gave us a really great first full-length material which is crushing in all its segments. Destruction Sect crew (Imha Tarikat is a Turkish name for Destruction Sect) with “Kara Ihlas” made brilliant new chapter in the black metal history.

In the first place I have to commend the production of this material. The production on this album is one of the best I have listened to in black metal lately. Band perfectly balanced all subjects and sounds in their creation process. From that point of view this is an almost perfect black metal production.

The other thing that really bought me on this issue was the lyrics. This guys really gave themselves time to wrote perfect texts filled with scorn toward mankind and universe.

Each reaction enacting the dance of the universe,
Each star turns to dust and feeds the womb,
Farthest from calculated potentials,
Omnicentral is each, in each lies all,
Giving themselves to live and be born again,
As none, as all

Beside really magnificent production, these lads created great riffs and guitar works which leads this full-length through the splendid atmosphere. All that great riffology is supported by outstanding drum work which is par excellence made for rhythm section. From mid-tempo to some blasting passages, their drummer Prowler leaves nothing to chance that contributes to really magnificent atmosphere.

Another thing that is important about this material is the voice duties that are done flawlessly. Ruhsuz Cellât made totally new dimension for this album with his voices. So beware of this forty-two-minute black magic summarized in eight songs named “Kara Ihlas” because it could bewitched you in all its segments!

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