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Review: Idle Hands – Mana

Idle Hands
Idle Hands

Idle Hands – Mana

1. Nightfall
2. Jackie
3. Cosmic Overdrive
4. Don’t Waste Your Time
5. Give Me to the Night
6. Blade and the Will
7. Dragon, Why Do You Cry
8. Double Negative
9. It’ll Be Over Before You Know It
10. A Single Solemn Rose
11. Mana

Label: Eisenwald Tonschmiede
Date: May 10, 2019

Idle Hands is a relatively new band, that’s been gaining a lot of prominence lately. Founded in late 2017, the band released their first EP titled “Don’t Waste Your Time” a year later, which gained a lot of praise. This year the band embarked on a successful tour with Gaahls Wyrd, Tribulation and Uada, which gave the band more recognition and secured them a headlining European tour. This year the band also released their debut full-length album “Mana”. In short period of time the band gained a lot of recognition. It wasn’t overnight success, because the band members played in many other bands before, most notably in Spellcaster. 

The band’s sound can be described as a mixture of traditional heavy metal and gothic metal with vocals very similar to that of Dave Padden (Third Ion, ex-Annihilator). That is the sound that describes this album pretty well. The album opens with a heavy anthem “Nightfall”, a song reminiscent of Painkiller-era Judas Priest, which immediately sets the pace for rest of the album to follow. The album is very heavy in nature, but also very catchy. The choruses of the songs are very easily memorable and are ideal for audience to sing along in a live setting, which shows where the band’s strength for live performances comes from. The perfect examples of it would be “Give Me to the Night”, which is a straightforward heavy hitter, and a slightly modified version of “Blade and the Will” from the band’s first EP, which makes a perfect staple for the band’s live shows by referencing the band’s name. The entanglement in gothic elements gives atmosphere to the songs, which is perfectly shown in semi-ballad “Don’t Waste Your Time”. Then there are also songs that perfectly embrace both sides of the band’s sound, such as the title track, also the closing track of the album.

Overall, “Mana” is a perfectly balanced album, which offers something for everyone to enjoy. It is heavy, it is catchy, but it also doesn’t lack on atmosphere. This mix sounds like winning combination, which could easily launch this band to whole new heights and make them one of the leading names in the metal scene today.

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