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Review: Ice War – Defender, Destroyer

by Bart Tomaszewski
1.  Power from Within
2.  Defender, Destroyer
3.  Soldiers of Frost
4.  Rising from the Grave
5.  Mountains of Skulls
6.  Crucified in Fire
7.  Demonoid
8.  Skull and Crossbones
9.  Running Out of Time
10. Breakaway
Date: July 21st, 2021
Label: Fughter Records
Canada is a huge country where Metal scene is as strong as this one in its only border land – I mean land border here. But from some mysterious reasons isn’t appreciated like it should be, in my opinion. Of course every Metalhead knows Voivod, Cryptopsy, Kataklysm and some other bands from there, but scene itself is threaten a little like secondary one who only copy what this one in States does. Maybe I’m wrong on here, but such feeling I have. Anyways, capital and fourth largest city in this largest country of North America. Over there live and create his music Jo Capitelicide and do it since 2015 when his previous band went to… Yeah, split up, I wanted to say. As I see he’s very productive, coz “Defender, Destroyer” is his fourth full-length, he released also several singles and other stuffs.
After these dew lines of talking (writing) about everything and nothing, finally time to get down to business has come. Album contains ten tracks described as Speed/Heavy Metal. Well, generally I can agree with that, even if in my opinion there’s strong touch of another style of music I love – I mean especially vocal side of what we’re able to hear on here. Besides, I can quite hardly find elements characteristic for Speed Metal, at least as I understand this term. But undisputed fact is that you hear and even see on the pic (I found it without problem, so…) strong fascination of early days of some English legend of Heavy Metal found year 1975 whose the very first vocalist was Paul Mario Day. Some riffs are almost taken from this ensemble and in general I have feeling, and this is quite often like that, I listen just to some unknown for me stuff of this band.
Anyways, for me this absolutely isn’t any minus and even contrary. That’s why I’ll come back to “Defender, Destroyer” from time to time. Maybe this album is a little secondary and so on, but who cares if Jp has such excellent influences?!? For me this is something I love and that’s it!

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