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Review: Heksebrann – Spiritual Descending

by Lukrecija Mesek

Heksebrann – Spiritual Descending

1. Well of Creation
2. Fell For Darker Ways
3. Storm of Fury
4. Spiritual Descending
5. Walpurgisnacht
5. Endless Return
6. A Witch Promised Truth
7. Forever Wild
8. Ignite The Fire

Label: Unsigned/Independent
Date: May 1, 2020

Heksebrann is Black/Heavy Metal band from, Göltitz, Germany.

The band formed in 2016, and they released their demo album “The Hunt” in 2018. Now, two years later they greeted us with full length album “Spiritual Descending”.

So, after listening album over and over, I couldn’t disagree more, this is not Black Metal, Heavy Metal yes, but certainly not Black. Instead I would say that we can place them in category Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. But at this point this hairsplitting in genres is ridiculous. Every band today has some influences from this or that genre, and we basically can’t find “pure” bands to fit them in certain genres anymore. But now I’m getting off topic.

When it comes to music, the songs are full, meaning everything is so well mixed and they have some energy. Vocals are reminding me of Lemmy. I can’t help it. It doesn’t sound like Lemmy, but the style is there. The entire composition of songs is giving me 80’s vibe, of course, I’m not referring to the Glam Metal, but to the Trash/Speed Metal and Hard Rock/Heavy Metal. They did incorporate “new” metal sound with “classic”.

The only thing I don’t get on this album is song “Walpurgisnacht”, which stands for “Night of the Witches” (not to be confused with Halloween). I will skip the explanation of the word it self, since all of you can “google it” your self. Looking at it exclusively from music point of view, I can’t get hold of what this song should represent. It’s totally different from rest of the album. Really nice and gentle melody, compared to the rest of the songs. Incomprehensible mumbling, that I can’t understand one bit. And it’s stuck right in the middle of the album. If it’s purpose is to act like “bridge” between two subjects of album, then it’s really nicely planned, but otherwise is just here to confuse you.

Over all, album is nicely done.

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