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Review: Hegerøth – Degenerate

by Ivona Bogner



Hegerøth – Degenerate

1. Eyes Wide Open
2. Master Of the Sins
3. Oh Glorious Night
4. Through the Window
5. I Need Blood
6. No Halo No Tiara
7. So Calm
8. Valley Of Dusk
9. Phantoms in the Night

Label: Mara Productions
Date: April 10, 2019

When I got this promo material, without thinking I said I will review it. Really strange for me, cause usually I do not accept to review bands unfamiliar to me. It seems over the years, I realized playing at safe card is not a good option. Taking a risk it is! And Hegerøth is the band that will break my own rules. And against all rules, somehow I put this album aside. Nothing strange since I have to check at least 50 albums on daily base. But, since the New Year is coming, it was about time to finish this report as a perfect present to Polish black metallers.

Hegerøth was formed in 2010. Trying to follow their biography, it seems they have a lot of line up changes. I was lost somewhere in 2012. Shall we agree that past should stay in past? We are in 2019 (still) and our focus is Hegerøth′s nine tracks album “Degenerate” released on April 10. Album was recorded in February 2019 at HHSoundLabStudios.

In 2019, you can hardly say some album pushes the limits. Everything is already said, sung, written, played… Why are those guys different? If they are… This killer trio has some X factor. Maybe they don′t bring any epochal to the genre, but guys can play. Technically with no mistakes. With a little bit effort, the future of Black Metal can be theirs. What I like the most is the melody. The sound itself leans on Black Metal we used to listen during the 90ies. Atmosphere as dark as it should be. The tempo is variable. Production, I would say good enough.

Listening this album, I did not get any impression it has individual songs. Everything flows so well and natural. For me, the most important is to understand lyrics. Luckily, Edward has great articulation, so you need no lyrics in front of you to understand themes they are focused on.

In one word (or few more), Hegerøth is Melodic Black Metal influenced by Norwegian 90ies scene. If you are a fan, highly recommended.

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