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Review: Hardcore Superstar – You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll

by Ante Topic
Hardcore Superstar
 Hardcore Superstar

Hardcore Superstar – You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll

1. AD/HD
2. Electric Rider
3. My Sanctuary
4. Hit Me Where It Hurts
5. You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll
6. The Others
7. Have Mercy On Me
8. Never Cared For Snobbery
9. Baboon
10. Bring The House Down
11. Medicine Man
12. Goodbye
13. Useless Information

Label: Gain Records
Date: September 21, 2018

So, I’ve been thinking whether to review this album or not because of some let’s say offensive details but now… Boy I’m glad I decided to review this awesome piece of music.

The best part of this album is that listening to it for the first time made me listen to the whole Hardcore Superstar discography (though I have already listened few of their albums before hearing this one) because I have honestly not expected this kind of sound from them. I knew they liked to experiment on their first four records, next four being what I consider classic HCSS hard rock/sleazy style and last two again a bit of experimenting. So I wanted to know if this album is natural progression from the previous one or if it’s something that came out of the blue.

Album starts with some thirty seconds of church organ as an intro for adrenaline fuelled, melodic and super catchy AD/HD. The only downside of this song is video for it which I find offensive.

You’ll notice that this album is pretty groovy as is the next song, “Electric Rider”.  Chorus is I dare to say, melodic rock, unusual for Hardcore Superstar but nothing to complain to, it’s awesome. And what’s also awesome is Vic Zino’s solo here.

“My Sanctuary” starts with acoustic and country slide guitar and I was like “whaaat?” but then… BAM! Hardcore Superstar I expected kicks in. Once again groovy, melodic and great. “Hit Me Where It Hurts” is just that!

“You Can’t Kill My Rock N’ Roll” is one of the singles and I can definitely see why. It’s verse is a bit ”poppy” which I like to be honest and the chorus is big and anthemic.

“The Others” has got a bit heavier riff but kinda softer chorus compared to it. I like it. Once again adrenaline fuelled, melodic and super catchy song. “Have Mercy On Me” is, what seems to me melodic ”pop” rock n’ roll. Can’t help but sing along to it.

“Never Cared For Snobbery” starts with big drums and continues in the similar tone as the previous one. “Baboon” is a badass hard rocker and possibly one of my favourites from the album.

“Bring The House Down” is melodic and easy to sing to as is the whole album actually.

Next on is “Medicine Man”. The main riff reminds me of Afterlife by Avenged Sevenfold but the rest of the songs has no other resemblances to it. “Goodbye” is a bit darker sounding song which by it’s lyrics should have naturally been a closing song. But it’s not. Interesting choice. And the final song “Useless Information” is (I know I’m being too repetitive but oh well) melodic and poppy hard rock song again.

Now, after knowing all of their stuff I can tell that I’m not sure if this was ‘’out of the blue’’ but it’s definitely different. Quite a few songs remind me of glam rock (different than glam metal) with Slade being the first band that came to my mind. It’s great to see bands doing music how they’re feeling right now and not what is expected from them but still sounding like themselves. And that’s what makes Hardcore Superstar one of the biggest bands of ‘’The New Wave Of Hair Metal’’.

Can’t wait for the next album!

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