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Review: HammerFall – Legacy Of Kings – 20 Year Anniversary Edition

by Ivona Bogner

HammerFall – Legacy Of Kings – 20 Year Anniversary Edition


  1. Heeding The Call
  2. Legacy Of Kings
  3. Let The Hammer Fall
  4. Dreamland
  5. Remember Yesterday
  6. At The End Of The Rainbow
  7. Back To Back
  8. Stronger Than All
  9. Warriors Of Faith
  10. The Fallen One

  1. Eternal Dark (Picture cover)
  2. I Want Out (Helloween cover)
  3. Man On The Silver Mountain (Rainbow cover)
  4. Legacy Of Kings (Medley 2018)
  5. Heeding The Call (Live 2018)
  6. Let The Hammer Fall (Live in Brazil 2017)
  7. Legacy Of Kings (Live)
  8. At The End Of The Rainbow (Live)
  9. Stronger Than All (Live)
  10. Heeding The Call (Demo 1998)
  11. Let The Hammer Fall (Demo 1998)
  12. Warriors Of Faith (Demo 1998)
  13. Back To Back (Demo 1998)
  14. At The End Of The Rainbow (Demo 1998)
  15. Dreamland (Demo 1998)

Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Date: December 7, 2018

Let me use the time machine and go back to to my adolescent age. Year of 1998. Serbia. One of rare radio shows that broadcasts alternative music. And by alternative I consider everything that is not folk. Late night. Tired as hell. With headphones attached by tape recorder beside my bed. “Stone Cold” and sleepless night! I have to find this album, no matter what! It remained one of my favorite HammerFall songs. Next day, I have not only one, but two HF albums in my hands. It turned out, that the band I have heard the night before comes from Sweden and they already released two albums. I was just praying that those audio cassettes have enough quality to listen each album at least once. Till that moment, HammerFall remained to be my favorite heavy metal band of new generation, and “Legacy Of Kings” my favorite and now 20 years later, I can seal: the best HammerFall album ever!

The times have changed, and in 2019 I am holding “Legacy Of Kings” CD in my hands. Audio cassettes are ancient past, put I still keep some. I have tons of HF merch from all over Europe, even one flag I bought in Barcelona. It makes me fanatic, right?

“Legacy Of Kings” was released on September 28, 1998. It included 10, now epic songs, 9 written by Oscar Dronjak, Joacim Cans and Jasper Strömblad. One song is cover version of Danish legends Pretty Maids “Back to Back”. Dronjak and Cans remained a core of HF, while Strömblad was part of the band for only 4 years as a drummer. 

“Legacy Of Kings, 20 Year Anniversary Edition” brings not that for each HF fan 10 well known songs, but a special treat: 15 bonuses! HammerFall have never hidden their influences, and if you want to know what shaped their music taste, than their covers will give you the closer picture. Their cover opus goes from not so well known bands to some like Stormwitch or Warlord to icons like Helloween or Rainbow. 

Also, anniversary edition includes rehearsal demos and of course live versions of the songs from “Legacy Of Kings”. 

Overall: must have! Worth of every dollar, euro or whatever currency we are talking about.

“Legacy Of Kings” is one of the most influential metal albums. The greatest legacy of one of the best if not the best heavy metal bands of new generation. 

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