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Review: Goatburner – Extreme Conditions

by Metal Jacket

Goatburner – Extreme Conditions

1. Dead Alert
2. Time to Burn
3. Mayhem
4. Drowned Alive
5. Violent Redeemer
6. Vortex of Chaos
7. Frozen Grounds
8. Get Sick and Die
9. Blown Away
10. Wave of Doom
11. Melting Misery
12. White Death
13. Scorched

Label: Time to Kill Records
Date: January 17, 2020

Formed in Helsinki/Finland, Death Grind bone crushers Goatburner released their first EP “Time To Burn” in 2018. Now they are back with a full-length record, that is a classical revelation of old school Death Metal power, with the crushing elements of Grindcore, also with the pure devastating note – that melt’s down the barriers of the human mind-adding to this argument, this guys are extremely talented, which is another plus for this release. They  have for sure the potential to become an important band on the scene, someday.

Back to the album! I can say the whole concept of the apocalyptic lyrics and heavy deep riffs- gave the to the whole sound- a full structure of perfect death metal  record-that has that classical old school death metal vibe and it is the orthodox force of destruction. The first song “Dead Alert’’ is just a warm-up for the apocalyptic story-line of the record, it has that melting crushing riffs, excellent drum sets fused with riffs continuing with fast devastating  tempo -what an introduction for the whole album, it’s just epic on many levels.  

This band also reminds me with the musical influences of the bands like Celtic Frost and Grave, but mostly Grave influences with riffs  and ideology. They are using skillfully this influences in their advantage, indicating that this band knows how to present their music-as well the true metal sound, death metal essence in it’s original form, with this influences- their songs have that complete death metal spirit, that they recorded with such passion, that inspired them to be a brutal  death metal force- that will for sure stay in the back of the mind of the listener.

The most amazing thing, besides riffs and technical part of the record- that band done pretty well are lyrics. Lyrics are apocalyptic, adapted with the sound and the whole structure of the songs  in such great manner, it’s just a pure death metal feast for the fans of the genre, both with lyrics and the sound of the release, death metal fans will surely enjoy this ride through devastating  death metal sounds. From the beginning till the end of the album- the whole story with the lyrics is just basically a one truly bad nightmare- where each song presents the suffering and pain on a different way, with of course some brutal death metal sounds, it’s the typically great old school death metal record –  improved by good production.

My personal favorite is  “Time To Burn” it has that fast tempo, killer drum set- vocals are more aggressive than in songs of the rest of the record. While I listen to it, time went fast- this proves this is great song, it catches  you off-guard, but you can still remember it’s crushing riffs, devastating sounds piercing through your mind.

The second one that is also my personal favorite is “Vortex of Chaos” also fast, fierce, but this time a little bit slower that the first one- with some melting slow riffs, that are heavy with that evil vibe  influenced by doom metal. Such a great combination of sound, tempo and vocals is just really a Vortex of chaos and darkness. This one brings the best of the record, with the traditional old school death and doom metal element’s.

Rest of the songs  are old school death metal crushers with the element’s of the Grindcore, but mostly this is just a classical death metal release. The songs are almost the same, that is the negative side to the record, because they repeat the same pattern, that was heard from almost every death metal band out there. Everything else is just pure brutality wrapped in apocalyptic mayhem that is leaving no hope for this world.

Here it is! The brutal crusher for all of the death metal fans – that want to enjoy the true sounds of death metal, witness the end with the Goatburner , you won’t be disappointed.

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