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Review: Giotopia – A Fantasy Tale on Music – Part II

by Lukrecija Mesek

Giotopia – A Fantasy Tale on Music – Part II

1. The Story Goes on
2. Elven Warlord
3. Kingdom Rise
4. Vairïga’s Escape
5. Forest of Prayers
6. Capture
7. Magus
8. March of Lusar
9. Choice of Heart
10. Aurora’s Rage 
11. Through Siberian Land
12. Resolution of Humanity 
13. The End?

Date: May 20, 2019
Label: Independent Release

I was really surprised on the first notes of the Giotopia’s first notes of “The Story Goes On”, I was happy to hear some new Epic-Metal band (although, I would just call it Metal Opera).

But as you listen further it becomes so unbearable. I get the idea, it’s awesome. But like something is missing. I would be nice to hear something based on idea from this album, but with much better production. I couldn’t listen all the way till the end of album.  I think my maximum was first five songs.

Vocals are way out there and distanced from the melody and drums, which are also very quiet compared to vocals. There is an imbalance on every song so obvious that you can’t listen to it. It kills the mood. It drove me crazy, not in a good way (and that is hard to accomplish, so GG guys).

Combination of female and male vocals in this situation didn’t work out well. I usually prefer the combination of female and male voices as they overlap in “beauty and the beast” kind set up. It could take the whole song to the whole next level, but in this case the combination of voices is a bit too much. Maybe it would be better for them to stick to one vocal for now. It sounds like chaos instead Metal Opera.

When we are talking about the sound of the album, it sounds like they were recording everything in their garage with low budget microphone and then mixed it. This doesn’t sound like a finished album. As some kind of “sketch” for the final project, maybe, but this is far from finished. Maybe they should find new producer to help them achieve what they had on their mind.

As band described as Epic/Rock Metal, I expect fullness in their songs so they sound powerful. Music that compliments vocals that are singed over. Album is called “A Fantasy Tale on Music”, so I assumed there is a story behind, but following on tracks it doesn’t get that message across. Instead of one big tale, it feels like you have a bunch of short stories that are so different.

It would be great to have another Epic metal band in collection, but I can’t say this one will get on the list. I’m curious what will they published next, maybe it will be so much better than what they presented us this time.

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