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Review: Fraser Edwards – The Architect

by Lukrecija Mesek

Fraser Edwards – The Architect

1. The Architect 
2. Stop Saying We Sound like Dragonforce 
3. Warzone 
4. The Death Zone
5. Ruination 
6. Dio volendo lo faro 
7. Among the Stars 
8. This World Can Be Ours
9. Sorrow of the Loneliest Dragon 
10. Crouching Comrades, Hidden Dragonforce 
11. On My Own 
12. Your Song 

Label: Independent 
Date:June 5, 2020

Fraser Edwards is guitarist/composer/producer from UK. Edwards self released his debut solo album back in 2016. named “I Am God”. We could call him genius. Like many others in metal community, Edwards is one of those “Wunderkind”. Besides solo career he’s working on Sharky Sharky, the Shark-themed rock band for kids, as well as playing guitar for the British Power Metal band Ascension, played guitar live and in the studio for many other bands and artists such as Metalite, Captain Black Beard and Janet Devlin. Fraser is also an accomplished and prolific music producer and mixing/mastering engineer, having worked with many bands including Axenstar, Patty Gurdy and recently creating the soundtrack for the video game BORIS: Escape from Brexit Island, which he also created.

As the owner and operator of Azura Sound, Edwards has 15 years experience as a music producer and have produced, recorded, mixed and mastered countless projects. Quite impressive, I must admit.

When I read the name for the first time Fraser Edwards I swear that in that moment dyslexia hit me hard and I was convinced that it says “Faster Edwards”. Luckily, there is something called copy-paste, so my initial genius was preserved and my shame could be shared with you in this funny way. Still, I will always have reminder of that moment as my hand written notes are crossed out all over. Well, I’m sure that will be great memory one day.

So now that we established what’s the name of band/guitarist/producer/composer and so on… We can finally check out the album.

“The Architect” comes four years after “I am God”. Somehow I could say that there is connection between these two albums, but solely because of the names of the albums and because in my head that makes sense. However, I didn’t listened to “I am God” so I can’t compare these two, but I would expect that the first one would be good as this one.

First thing that I noticed was the song “Stop Saying We Sound like Dragonforce”, I couldn’t wait to hear this. From the start I assumed it would be some kind of parody or something, well kinda. Song is actually great. Really cheerful, really funny and clever. But just because of the song now I have to say it. I can’t resist myself. They sound like Dragonforce, but I will add that they remind me a lot on Steel Panther as well. Why, you ask? Because…. Just listen to the album it’s awesome. Also, the song “Crouching Comrades, Hidden Dragonforce” is something amazing. Even though it’s just instrumental it made me laugh. This album really made my day.

I don’t know what else to say about this album. Is it masterpiece? Still no. I think that Fraser Edwards still has a lot to learn and experiment with. But no matter what this album has everything it needs to be called great album. Creative ideas, beautiful riffs, amazing melodies, beautiful vocals and most important it has dose of humor.

I’m usually really judgmental when it comes to master and mixing, but here I can’t say anything. What else you could say to someone that is mixing and producing his own album without mistake? Great work dude.

Maybe I’m sucker for Power Metal, but this album definitely goes into my collection. So anyone who is crazy about Power Metal should at least listen to it. Thankfully, now we have all the time in the world.

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