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Review: Foscor – Els Sepulcres Blancs

by Daniel Pinheiro

Foscor – Els Sepulcres Blancs

1. Laments
2. Els Colors del Silenci
3. Malson
4. Secrets 
5. Cel Rogent
6. Cançó de Mort
7. L’Esglai 

Date: September 6, 2019
Label: Season Of Mist

One of the fantastic features of music is, it never ceases to amaze us. Years go by, new and old artists, but there is always one who, in the midst of the doldrums of a whole “musical sphere”, can present us with something beautiful and admirable. This does not mean that it operates, always, a drastic change/innovation! No, this is not mandatory. We may be facing a group of people who, taking elements that inspire and motivate them, present us with their perspective of those said elements.

Foscor, Catalan band with some years of existence, has in “Els Sepulcres Blancs” their 2nd offer of the trilogy started in 2017, with “Irreals Vision”. And we are, in my humble opinion, facing a tremendous album and a huge musical offering…

The diversity present here goes far beyond the boundaries of Extreme Metal, drinking from stylistic lines much closer to a Post/Instrumental Rock, creating superb harmonies. At first contact, Solstafir will perhaps be the most “present” band. The sweet melodies, both dark and melancholic, full of darkness and emotional weight. Fiar’s voice, in contrast to the instrumental, is sweet and light, cradling the listener in sweet melodies, crafting a steady flow for each of the seven themes that make up this work.

Cataloging this band has now become quite a difficult task, largely due to the fact that the structures created by it. From Enslaved to Katatonia, I venture to say that there is even a little Sigur Ros at times. That aforementioned black melancholy wrapped in a bright soul… Beautiful!

But there are, albeit to a lesser extent, elements of the band’s past Black Metal. There are vocal moments, there are instrumental moments… And there is the Post Black Metal which, in the end, is “Els Sepulcres Blancs”. Risky, this cataloging. I accept and understand, but I can’t help it. It’s been a while since an album grabbed me this way! For all those who appreciate a great dose of melody and do not impose musical limitations on themselves, this work is for you!

“L’esgai” the theme that ends the album… Fabulous!

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