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Review: Fen – Stone And Sea

by Metal Jacket

Fen – Stone And Sea

1. Tides of Glass
2. Stone and Sea
3. The Last Gravestone

Label: Eisenwald
Date: March 8, 2019

After almost two years of silence, this English atmospheric black metal band with post-rock bring us new EP. This time they gave us almost twenty minutes of quite unique and interesting music, presented in 3 songs. They are offering black metal highly influenced with atmospheric passages with post-rock feeling along the way.

You can say that this EP material kept Fen in their world, where they rule supreme. Sharp riffs, excellent drumming and well done harsh vocals making inimitable atmosphere which always has been in their previous materials.

Mix of this EP is brilliant if you ask me. Well balanced volume of all parts in the band. Drum sound is beyond great, you really can hear every single kick and beat in rhythm section and that is made with such a perfection that leave me speechless.

I really thought earlier that they can’t go further into better sound and riffology than what they made on “Epoch”, but this EP is a whole new level in this bands path. Really catchy material that will suck you in instantly in the kingdom of Fen and their specific atmosphere. I think you’ll be positively surprised how the lads progressed in ways of production, music craftmenship and arrangements.

I think they perfectly described all the solitude, sorrow, winterly landscapes and nature with this short but certainly efficient material.

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