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Review: Felony Case – Strangers Give More

by Ante Topic

Felony Case – Strangers Give More

1. Still Not Me
2. Strangers Give More
3. Whiskey Night
4. Let Me Go Love

Label: Records DK
Date: November 4, 2019

Some time ago I received a Facebook message from a guy I didn’t have on my friend list. I was surprised, but I thought OK, let’s see what’s it about.

The guy was Antonis Adam, bass player from Felony Case, Greek band who have recently released EP entitled “Strangers Give More'”

“Great!”, I said to myself. “Some new music to listen to!”

I was satisfied with what I heard even after the first listening. Opener “Still Not Me” caught my attention immediately. It’s my favorite here. Title song “Strangers Give More” is more upbeat than the next one as is “Whiskey Night” too. 

This EP has got some dark, moody ambient which gives a little bit of 80’s underground feel. Not bad thing at all.

But the problem here is production, sadly, it doesn’t do justice to the songs and if you ask me, I would change the logo and EP cover.

Anyway, I really look forward to hearing some new music from these guys!

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