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Review: Fallen Arise – Enigma

by Lukrecija Mesek

Fallen Arise – Enigma

1. In Adentu Deorum (instrumental)
2. Enigma 
3. Reborn 
4. Forsaken 
5. Embers 
6. Without Disguise 
7. Released
8. Forever Winter 
9. Horizon 
10. The Storm Inside 

Label: Rock of Angels Records
Date: April 10, 2020

Fallen Arise are a symphonic metal band formed in Athens, Greece in 2009. After releasing their first EP, “Eternal” in 2011, the first studio album “Ethereal'” was recorded and released in 2013. Following this, the second studio album “Adeline” was released in 2015 and features the collaboration of 40 acclaimed musicians from different orchestras across Greece. After all that success they left us to wait for 5 years, and finally they come back with new full-length album “Enigma”.

I would say that in some past life I loved Symphonic Metal with all my heart and soul. Of course, I’m talking about my teen years where we would listen to hand full of Symphonic Metal bands that were big in that time.(I won’t say how long ago that was) Somehow I forgot about that genre as I grew older. I think that Symphonic Metal isn’t my cup of tea, still, I don’t mind listen to it.

Considering that I haven’t listen to any bands from Symphonic Metal circles for a long time, I was actually really happy to do the review from Fallen Arise. Once again, everything combined together kicked my nerve in this hectic period in our lives, Fallen Arise and “Enigma”, what else can I say?

So let’s get started. Please be aware that this is my personal opinion and that someone will disagree here. But since everybody is sensitive these days I think I should say it before I continue.

I think that “Enigma” is beautifully made album, but I can’t over hear some things, still we can consider that as personal preference. “In Adentu Deorum” is beautiful instrumental that is introducing you to the album. Powerful intro with choir vocals, like intro into the battle. First song is “Enigma” itself. Here is where my nagging begins. “Enigma” starts with powerful intro, and that it softens down. Beautiful “beauty” voice begins to lure us into the trap, leading us toward that power where “beast” voice takes over. No matter the genre, I like to see that dynamic in the song that you can get from combining “beauty” and “beast” voice. However, here I can stand “beast” voice (sorry dude). I don’t think that it wouldn’t fit good here in the song but I have feeling like he is coughing his lungs out, and not in a good way. This “beast” voice is just not for me.

Next on the album are “Reborn”, “Forsaken”, and “Embers”. “Embers” was one of the songs that really surprised me. Unlike the rest of the album, “beast” voice was leading the whole tale. I still don’t like the voice, but the song was good. Next on the playlist we have “Without Disguise”, “Released”, “Forever Winter” and “Horizon”. Unlike other songs on the album, “Horizon” is really gentle and chill song (kinda reminded me on “Nightwish-Islander”). So far this is my Favorite song from this album. I think you guessed it, there is no “beast” voice. Thank you! The album finishes with song “The Storm Inside”. It’s really strong finish and song is really powerful, but again, I’m bothered with the growl. (I’m really sorry dude). Overall really nice album. Really good production and no matter my complaining about the vocals, vocals were done really nice. If you are into Symphonic Metal I really recommend it. 

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