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Review: Evolucija – Hunt

by Miloš Šebalj

Evolucija – Hunt

  1. Hunt
  2. A Rose With No Name
  3. Velvet Cage
  4. Poet
  5. Reflections on a Blade
  6. Portrait
  7. Wish
  8. Lonely
  9. Remorse
  10. Metamorphosis
Label: Pure Steel Publishing / RnR Records
Date: March 29, 2018

A band that started out of Switzerland and worked its way back to Serbia. A band that sang in Serbian in Switzerland and switched to English while located in Serbia. Lead by a Swiss native female singer that has decent skills in Serbian language. At the very least, sounds weird. But…

“Hunt” is the third album by a band that obviously has a colorful biography. With performances at festivals like Montreaux Jazz Festival, appearance on the movie soundtrack and moving around, you just might get the feeling that these guys (and a girl) do invest a lot of time and energy into promoting their music in every way possible. All of that can just mean one thing: they strongly believe in what they do and that is just the thing that’s missing in a lot of bands these days. Good job guys!

Speaking about the music itself, Evolucija walks confidently on the fields of Power Metal. I’ve seen mentions of Gothic Metal in connotation with them but I disagree with these opinions. Sure, there are female vocals and some sad lyrical themes but that doesn’t make this album Goth. What impresses me most is the fact that their songs are primarily guitar driven. They have a keyboard present, yet it remains as an atmospheric addition to the sound. Well, most of the time. There are some keyboard leads (“Lonely”) occasionally but it fits nicely, so no harm done. As mentioned, guitars have the lead role in the songs which makes this album much more Metal than I am used to hear in similar bands. Creative, catchy riffing and short, yet effective, solos together with, compulsory for the genre, memorable choruses makes this release hard to forget.

I do have a couple of remarks about “Hunt”. First of all, I would like to hear a bit harder vocals. Don’t get me wrong, Mrs. Ilana has a beautiful voice, but I would prefer to hear her sing in some sort of Blackmore’s Night setting. I think her vocals would fit perfectly since she reminds me of Candice a lot. It just needs to be harsher to complement such hard hitting music. On the other hand, it works very well in the choral arrangements. The other thing is the production which could have been more bombastic. That would surely make this release stand out much more.

These are just minor touches I disliked. Add to all of this fabulous artwork by, already proven many times, Jakša Vlahović and you get a very successful Power Metal album. I’m sure fans of the genre will be satisfied. Especially since the for-bearers from the past are at the end of their careers, and they need successors like Evolucija to carry on the torch.

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