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Review: Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

by Daniel Pinheiro

Enthroned – Cold Black Suns

1. Ophiusa 
2. Hosanna Satana 
3. Oneiros
4. Vapula Omega
5. Silent Redemption 
6. Aghoria
7. Beyond Humane Greed 
8. Smoking Mirror 
9. Son of Man

Label: Season Of Mist
Date: June 7, 2019

Enthroned have come a long way since the 1995 Belgium Black Metal classic “Prophecies of Pagan Fire”. Their sound has evolved and the end result is one of excellence. Enthroned is one of those bands that, for some strange and unknown reason, always seems to rest below the radar, when the subject is solid Black metal bands. These Belgian have been a very consistent Beast from day one, and their new offering, “Cold Black Suns” comes to show how they have, more than adapted, switch the game in their favour.

“Cold Black Suns” sums up to be an Aggressive Ritualistic Ceremony. The atmosphere is largely heavier than faster, which is a more than positive approach to their sound. It feels more modern in terms, again, of approach to what Black Metal is. The production, the sound in general, sounds much more modern than their older offerings. The likes of Funeral Mist come to mind, when listening to this “Cold Black Suns”.

The changes in tempo, those small – but noticeable – Death Metal elements, that give it that kick, are present throughout the record, giving it a very fluid and easy to listen to, vibe. They have gone from fast and ravaging Black Metal Beast to a much more Ritualistic Melodic Entity. What does mean, in the end? Well… the 90’s albums are that, 90’s Black Metal, the more recent ones are Enthroned’s take on modern Black Metal, never failing to input some of their DNA into the equation.

“Vapula Omega”, for example, has both facets of what the band has to offer, today. The guitar riffs stretched to strengthen the power of the melody. That small, so well crafted, guitar solo, does wonders for the music, taking it to a whole superior level.

Overall this is a very, very, solid Black metal offering. A classic band, recording an album which places them where they belong, in terms of European Black Metal. A band that has had the ability to reinvent themselves through all the ups and downs, and is still able to craft something that has a place, that feels relevant, in present times, is truly amazing. “Beyond Human Greed” is a remarkable example of the aforementioned. Brilliant, catchy yet fierce Black Metal… “Smoking Mirror” is a good illustration of what Enthroned once was, and continues to be: a ferocious Black Metal Beast!

For those that grew with Enthroned and have followed them through the years, this will please your ears, without a doubt. A solid offering, from a very solid band.

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