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Review: Dimmu Borgir – Eonian

by Natas Dog
Dimmu Borgir
 Dimmu Borgir

Dimmu Borgir – Eonian

1. The Unveiling
2. Interdimensional Summit
3. ĺTheric
4. Council of Wolves and Snakes
5. The Empyrean Phoenix
6. Lightbringer
7. I Am Sovereign
8. Archaic Correspondence
9. Alpha Aeon Omega
10. Rite of Passage

Label: Nuclear Blast
Date: May 4, 2018

Finally! The day has come! The long eight years of waiting have come to an end. The new Dimmu Borgir album is out! Simply put, I couldn’t express enough of my excitement and happiness when I laid my eyes on the album. Still in awe that it’s finally here I barely managed to wait to come home to blast my speakers with some new stuff that I and many, many others waited this whole time. But in the end, the question appeared immediately after I was about hit that play button. Was it worth the wait?

So, where do I begin? There is so much going inside my head and that familiar feeling of neck pain is still troubling me. Well, let’s start from the beginning, shall we? The first song that starts to play on this album is called “The Unveiling”. Fitting for an opening song. Right when it started I got some strange industrial inspired themed intro. I was confused for a brief moment, but then the guitars appeared with some classical black metal riffing. And right there I knew our old Borgir is back. And from that, it only became better. Drums were blasting and Shargrath had started to bless us with his presence. But then, all out of nowhere it became ambiance based with piano playing and vocal orchestra singing, reminding me a lot of “Abrahadabra” album. It left me with a feeling strange feeling od doubt, but then again, this was just a first song.

Second song that starts to play is “Interdimensional Summit” which you’ve have already listened to on Youtube because it was one of the two songs they released before the album. Still I listened to it again and every time it gets better. The chorus is surprisingly catchy and it sticks around easily. I can understand that a lot of people don’t prefer orchestral voices, but I can see that the band is using them to get that mysterious and uneasy atmosphere and overall feeling that something is in the air in it’s coming your way.

But then, after “Interdimensional Summit” ended and a third song started to play, that’s where the whole album got way, and I mean, way interesting. The melancholic guitar riffs, dark atmosphere, harsh riffs and vocals, it’s all there. And most of the songs have a lot of unexpected groove to them like “Lightbringer” and “ĺTheric”. And songs right from there till the last one is the prime example what Dimmu Borgir used to be, showing us that they still got it, that they can still go dark and mesmerize you with their music. But then, again, there is an interesting twist here. A lot of those songs, almost every one of them have a contrast, a journey in itself inside every chord and melody. Songs tend to get you imagine some epic journey. Yes, I said epic because that’s what the feel they give you and the theme Dimmu Borgir goes for now.

After listening to those parts, you start to ask yourself where will that journey take you, what corner of your dark epic self shall you uncover? And just when your curiosity is peaked the most, those dark riffs that got your attention come back and give you that rash and almost evil taste you wanted from Dimmu. They have managed to pull something beautiful, mesmerizing, dark and epic at the same time, melodic and primal in one album. And before you even realize it yet, you will be wanting more and more.

For all those wondering how this album compares to the older stuff, I have a very, very simple answer for you. It doesn’t. You clearly see the evolution and another direction the bend went with those atmosheprical riffs and orchestrated vocals, but at the same time, they are still able to remind you what who they once were and that they didn’t abandon the core of black metal they were doing since beginning. It will clearly take some time to adjust that this dark epic storytelling (I’m starting to love this dark epic phrase more and more as I mention it, it just fits) is the new direction that the band is going, but hey, looking on the other hand, they delivered the album that isn’t weak and lacking like Abrahadabra was, but instead filled with mysterious and dark riffs just waiting to be banged to.

If you give Dimmu Borgir the chance to take you in this Eonian journey with them, trust me, you will discover this dark epic adventure that will leave you wanting more and more and the one which you shall listen over and over again. Just listen to the last song on the album, the instrumental called Rite of Passage. That song right there will justify the phrase dark epic and it this the song that is prime example of the direction where Dimmu Borgir is going. And to be honest, It’s completely badass! So, to answer the question, was it worth the wait? HELL! YES!


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