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Review: Délétère – Theovorator Babelis Testamentum

by Metal Jacket

Délétère – Theovorator Babelis Testamentum

1. Theovoratoris Aduentus
2. Babel Insanifusor
3. Milites Pestilentiae III – Babylonia Magnissima

Label: Sepulchral Productions
Date: May 18, 2019

Whenever you see anything with members from bands like Monarque or Forteresse, do not hesitate, just pick it up and put it in your player. It will be a blast, I guarantee that. Same is with Délétère as well, band made from aforementioned band members kickin’ it hardest.

The man behind the band, Thorleïf; this time collected people around himself to carry his ideas and arrangements how he imagined them to be and I just can say that they made it perfect with “Theovorator: Babelis Testamentum”. This EP material gave us something more than just over twenty minutes of perfect black metal. It is possessed with brilliant atmosphere that will carry you out of this realm, it is obvious that Canadian black metal bands came to perfection with atmospheric black metal riffology, sound and production as well.

This release will build encirclement around you which is enriched with stench of disease, spirit of medieval darkness and omnipresent state of pest. So, yet again Sepulchral Productions and guys delivered madness wrapped in black metal manifesto. This is a worthy successor for a “De Horae Leprae” (full-length from 2018). If you are a tight-ass for crystal-clear Madonna production, just go around this material, ‘cause this is perfect example how black metal should and must sound in 21st century… unpolished, raw but in the same time you are able to hear all, to feel atmosphere behind it and the most notable above all; it is totally hyped up with “in your face” attitude.

Délétère continues to carry the fame for being a band that can and know how to deliver a brilliant black metal sound. Riffs that will blow you out and vocals that screaming forth for destruction of man! Canadian black metal really is dominant force to be recognized with in past but also in days that are coming to us.

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