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Review: Darkhan – Darkhan

by Daniel Pinheiro



Darkhan – Darkhan

1. Fanden
2. Tornekrone
3. Jahve
4. Satanbit

Label: Darkhan Records
Date: August 31, 2019

I remember, back when I was a kid, loving 8 and 16 bits games. Those old – now in retrospective – RPGs that “stole” hours and hours a day, leading us through weeks (sometimes months) of gaming and complete subjugation to the console. Oh, happy days they were, were they not? I also remember the music… “Zelda”, “Secret Of Mana” amongst many many others, were sort of the soundtrack of my growth. I sometimes find myself whistling the Super Mario theme song (one of the 457899 ones).

And what those all this has to do with the album at hand? A quick look at the cover artwork and one will easily understand the reasons for the introduction: Darkhan would quite effortlessly work as the perfect soundtrack for “Castlevania”. I can almost see Simon and his trusty whip, rocking it out as he slays one more Belmont muahahah! Geek much? Pfff I pity the fool…!

This is Darkhan’s first ever release: “Darkhan” EP. Four songs of Dungeon Synth and video game soundtrack, mixed with some harsh Industrial type vocals. And there you go, mate: Darkhan! It might sound a bit… Short, but in reality it is. It has melody, it would work in the EDM circle, I reckon, for it has that thing, you know? That “I think I can dance to this thing” feeling! It is not, most definitely, my thing ahahah but I can see the Dungeon Synth mages and wizards absorbing this, without difficulty!

They aimed, in my opinion, to jump completely outside the box, and rip all the guidelines for the genre (or genres) and spit out their worst poems and music. When I say worst, I do not mean bad… I mean dark, putrid, ghostly and psychotic. I can see people in latex dancing to this, I swear I can! Is it Black Metal? I do not see it as that, but be my guest and prove me wrong, please.

Opinions? I did not enjoy it. Am I narrow minded? I do not see myself as narrow minded, before someone starts throwing the “Non-ecletic rock”, at me ha-ha-ha it simply does not do it for me, in the end. It lives very much in the realm of electronic and synthesizers, and that is a “swamp” I very rarely walk into, so I am not that educated in these arts, sorry!

Overall, it did open my appetite for going back to those old, never out of fashion, RPGs and maybe, why not, leave the music on to see if it does the trick!

PS: It has moments where I can hear Marilyn Manson (Wait, what?) and I can “smell” Ministry… Maybe my ears are in need to a tuning!

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