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Review: Cult Of Fire – (Un)clean

by Aleksandar Saradžić
Cult Of Fire

Cult Of Fire – (Un)Clean

1. (Un)Clean

Label: Beyond Eyes
Date: November 20, 2019

This is the first time I’ve ever written a single release review. We all know that such releases are hints of the sound that band will bring on the upcoming album. The same story is with Cult Of Fire. Now you are probably wondering what’s the difference, right? Well, their “(Un)Clean” single is a hell of a song!

In its almost ten years of existence, Cult Of Fire has risen from thorns to stars. From underground to lead black metal act of European scene. From darkness and esoterism they transformed their sound into worship of Hinduism and Vedic rituals all in the glory of Maha Kali and Death itself.

The band has warmed up fans with this single for their upcoming double album “Moksha / Nirvana”, which will be according to them out in March, 2020. And what a teaser is a “(Un)Clean” right now I can’t remember when some single material blew me away like this one from Cult Of Fire!

Even if you aren’t fan of singles, you should listen to this song. This track is something that every fan of the genre should listen without a doubt. So if I have to rate band’s upcoming album based on this one song, I would say it will be nothing less than brilliant!

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