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Review: Csejthe – L’horreur de Čachtice

by Metal Jacket


Csejthe – L’horreur de Čachtice

1. Terreur nocturne
2. Lycanthropie misanthropie
3. L’horreur de Čachtice
4. Perseïdes
5. Nebuleuse tentatrice
6. ___
7. Le spectre du soleil
8. Sadique lunatique

Label: HSP Productions
Date: March 13, 2019

For those who are not initiated, Csejthe is the name of the castle in which Countess Bathory brutally tortured, humiliated and murdered hundreds of girls throughout her lifetime. Though her accomplices were found guilty of their crimes, the Countess was walled up inside a small room on the basis that she was criminally insane. Now maybe you can see where I’m going with this.

The main inspiration for this excellent Canadian Black Metal band are themes like medieval history, countess Bathory and occultism. Thirteen years of Grim music is behind them and this is their third full-length material. Along few splits, singles and EP, quite impressive dicography we got here.

I must admit that I almost forget for this band. If I’m not mistaken their previous album “Réminiscence” came six years ago. And in this age of internet we are constantly bombarded with new albums, every day. But this band stuck in my mind because of the name and their uncompromising black metal sound.

If you are want to hear some polish hyper-production black metal album, don’t play this material. This full-lenght is like the best products that came to us from nineties, in terms of production and sound. So no fancy stuff, just shreading guitars that attack you from all sides, perfect sound of drums and vocal that is haunted as fuck.

Csejthe on this one offered us eight songs which is around 36 minutes of the best Canadian black metal that you’ll be able to hear today. I don’t know what is happening with Canada nowdays, but some of the very best black metal bands today are from that country. They put shadow on some more recognized countries when it came to black metal.

Must admit that I am really glad that this band came out with a new album. This material will be on many lists of the best Black Metal album in 2019. At least on mine!

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