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Review: CONDEMNED TO DREAM “Black Emerald Cold”

by Bart Tomaszewski


 1. I Bexome
 2. The Yawning Depths Inside
 3. Lost
 4. The Rest of Me
 5. The World Offered
 6. Infernal Design
 7. Before the Altar of Victims and Fools
 8. Words
 9. Unbeliever
10. Pestis

Tuscon lays not so far away from Austin – at least as on conditions of the States. And there we’ll move now for a while. Just in home of University of Arizona year 2017 the band with quite romantic name Condemned to Dreams was born. Actually, firstly it was just a recording project, but with time became an ensemble. I’ll don’t bore you with whole, even if this is not too long, biography on here. By the way, the quite strange as for me fact is that they released both their albums last year. As I know music for “Lunacy and Charity” was ready earlier, but.. And now I can, and even should, I guess, assure you that music isn’t romantic at all. Well, for Metalheads word “romantic” means a little another thing then for other ones, but still…

So I’ll write few words about the second one entitled “Black Emerald Cold” instead – especially that I didn’t hear the debut of Tusconians. It contains ten songs of Death Metal. This is played in more modern and melodic way, I guess. Since vocalist on this full-length is a girl, you surely can have connotations with some Swedish band where Angela Gossow was singing fourteen years. Well, honestly, music can be also connected with this Swedish band as well. But they present us the same sub-genre of Metal and even Death Meta, sol…

Anyways, this is absolutely any copy of mentioned or some other band! Riffs are of course a little broken, but it seems melody is something very important for Mark and Jonas – two other members, it seems, was joined C. T. D. only to record the album. By the way, they don’t even live in Tuscon, USA or America as a continent as well. Sometimes guitar work remind me more Power Metal, but it happens not too often, to be honest. We also have some solos on here and so on. Everything’s developed enough. Mara has very interesting growling. You can notice without any problems that this is her. At least it’s easy to recognize, mostly, for me if vocalist is female or male. But I think this is a plus. You know, that’s always something new after all these guys’ growlings.

So, I’m sure if you like sounds like that, this is just for you. Album is released on CD and digitally by Ancient Mythos Entertainment. And you know what version I recommend more to grab.

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