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Review: Cirith Ungol – EP Half Past Human

by Metal Jacket

Cirith Ungol – EP Half Past Human

1.Route 666
2. Shelob’s Lair
3. Brutish Manchild
4. Half Past Human

Label: Metal Blade Records
Date: April 6th, 2021

Corona has stopped everything, but not Cirith Ungol. After the comeback album, Forever Black from 2020, Cirith Ungol decided to release the EP Half Past Human, where they reworked older stuff, which had not been released before, (except for one of the songs, which was published as a flexi disc by Decibel magazine) , and this is Brutish Manchild, which is a full-blooded heavy metal classic.

Shelob’s Lair is an obvious homage to J.R.R. Tolkien, as well as musical roots (Blue Cheer, Sir Lord Baltimore, Rush), and the solo itself in the song is the best proof that the right decision was made to take Jim Barrazau as guitarist. Route 666 has already appeared on the so-called demo tape. Orange Album from 78 ‘, the new version of the song has not lost the energy of the original, on the contrary it is just as good as the original The title track, Half Past Human, begins with an acoustic introduction, followed by a fierce part (similar to Finger Of Scorn), and finally, the best part, the guitar guitar.

While some bands lose energy, strength and creativity over time, with Cirith Ungol it doesn’t seem to be the case, so it would be best to compare with wine; the older they get, the better and better they get, and this EP is the best proof.

Hrvoje Bubic

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