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Review: Chronic Ashes – Cursed Existence

by Bart Tomaszewski

Chronic Ashes – Cursed Existence

1. Where Is Your Savior?
2. The Shadow of Angel of Death
3. The Wolf Hunt
4. The Last Vision
5. Cursed Existence
6. Chronic Ashes
7. Premature Autopsy
8. Atheist Path
9. The River’s Old Man
Label: Songs For Satan
Date: January 24, 2020

And here we have another band from “The Beautiful Horizon”. This time pure old school Death Metal it is! This is quite young band created in 2016, but there play experienced musicians. So this is as clear as a day that “Cursed Existence” is a debut album of Brazilians. Well, even debut release it is. By the way, guys recorded it in three-piece line-up.

To tell you the truth this is in my opinion one more proof supporting the thesis that in music like that it’s enough number of members. Of course that’s question of a taste and I know not everyone will agree with me at this point, but I don’t think so second guitar is something what missing on here. You’ll find here everything what should be in old school Death Metal. Riffs are brutal and broken, but also create some easy-going (for us, Metalheads) melodies. We have several guitar tracks, too. They make music even more interesting and of course serve to brutality. Guys mostly play in, let’s call it, middle-fast tempo, but there’s even one very, as on this genre and album, part. Drums’ play isn’t anything original, too. Morone knows very well how should Death Metal look like and, what I somehow like the most, use cymbals often. He’s also responsible for vocals in the band. And he has really great growling, I have to say.

As you probably noticed I underlined that residents of Belo Horizonte don’t play anything original, maybe even this is in some way typical. But hey! In this case and in my mouth that’s, if there’s still someone who can’t get it, a compliment. I like “Cursed Existence” very much and would like to say “MUITO OBRIGADO” to Flavio of SONGS FOR SATAN for sending me this, and not only – reviews are published and one more will be soon, CD! DEATH METAL FOREVER!

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