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Review: Chains – Sonic Sabbath

by Aleksandar Saradžić


Chains – Sonic Sabbath

1. Devil
2. Black Wind
3. Fireborn
4. Stardust Pentagram
5. Sonic Sabbath
6. Necromantic Force

Label: On Parole Productions
Date: January 24, 2020

There was five years gap since Chains released their previous EP material “Balkanik Hypnotic Ritual”. This time this Slovenian hypnotic doom mantras, brought us their brand new opus, “Sonic Sabbath”.

Few members went through the Chains, but E. Chains stayed like only original/founder member behind guitar and vocal parts. Along hims last few years Matz Sick sitting behind the drumkit. This duo offering us real dark and hypnotic mantra-like sounds that easily can be transformed into acid soundscapes.

With new material, they used doom metal for base for their music. But truth to be told, their sound is enriched with all kind of drone sounds, almost funeral metal sounds and of course mind blowing ambient passages that will drive you over blue and yellow hills over weedian horizons, directly into mouth of madness.

Spirituality, occultism and psychoactive windows are still opened for total inspiration of Chains. They use that winds very well and transform them into active driving force and now with safety we can say, one of leading Slovenian metal bands.

Production on “Sonic Sabbath” is clean as a whistle and give you chance to hear every tune, every sound& every beat of this opus. In ten years of Chains’ existence, I think this is their the best material til this date.

On Parole Productions from Slovenia recognised will and work of this guys and brought sabbathical sounds in forms of digipack and vinyl releases. For all Sunn O)))/doom metal maniacs, this release is mandatory!

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