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Review: CENTINEX – The Pestilence

by Vjeran

CENTINEX – The Pestilence

1. Armageddon
2. Evil is evil
3. Tremble in fear
4. Torture
5. Afraid of the light (CD bonus)

Release: 1.4.2022, Agonia Records

Why simple when it can be complicated, and it has somehow become synonymous with quality, not only in music but in everyday life. We forgot how much we can be happy and enjoy in simplicity. Well, Centinex made me wonder why it is complicated when it can be simple. Their music is the original death metal that was encountered in the early nineties and on which a large number of people grew up who still like to spin those old albums. It certainly works for nostalgia, but also for that simplicity.

This EP or as they call MLP brings the core of Swedish death metal and as such is certainly pleasing to the ear of anyone who has grown up on that sound and solidity. I hope that many younger people will agree, which would mean that this time is in our hearts not only because of nostalgia.

The songs are exactly as expected from Swedish veteran of death metal and there is nothing new to hear. You either like this style or you don’t, so I believe that the listeners will also choose it.

The band has already announced that this EP is a transition between two albums, so we just have to wait for the new album and hope for good Swedish death metal like this EP.

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