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Review: Cemment – Resurrection From Carnage

by Ivona Bogner

Cemment – Resurrection From Carnage

1. Aztec Warrior
2. Screw Ship
3. Death Whistle
4. Suffer

Label: Independent
Date: January 5, 2019

My first connotation with Japan: ikebana, Geishas, Ninjas, sushi, Manga, Sasuke, Akita, Yoji Harada (R.I.P.) and my beloved Hello Kitty.

Ask me about metal bands from Japan… Hm… Nothing!

One thing I know: Japan has always been welcoming for metal bands. Despite stereotypes of Japanese culture that they are working nation with no time for fun, they are fanatical and obsessive fans.  Why is metal so popular in The Land of the Rising Sun? I guess, where is extreme order, there has to be a chaos.

Chaotic band for sure, might be Cemment, the band formed back in 1994. So far, they have 3 full length albums, 2 EP’s. Till 2001, the band had several line up changes and at some point they even split up. In 2015, Cemment decided to reunite.

If the band is unknown to me, I rely on promo material I got from the label or the band. Whatever.

And what I have red here, is that Cemment is industrial death metal. Death ok. Industrial… No thanks, only if we are speaking of Fear Factory.

Surprise, surprise! From the moment I started listening EP, it was obvious we are talking more about old school death metal than industrial.  Four songs, close to 8 minutes! Man, this must be too fast!

Since promo material does not include lyrics, all we can do is just guess what is the main lyrical theme.  

The guys do whatever they do with their heart and soul, but still there is a lot of space for improvement.

Good production, good drum section, solid growl vocal… That is how in few words I would describe Cemment to someone who have never heard the band before.

The fourth song Suffer stands out by its length, melody, great balance between slow and fast tempo, good articulated vocal.

Overall, Cemment did not reinvent the wheel. They are simply solid band and the only thing that might attract your attention is the fact they come from Japan, so atypical area for the music genre they prefer.

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