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Review: Carthagods – The Monster In Me

by Bart Tomaszewski

Carthagods – The Monster In Me

1. Whispers from the Wicked
2. The Monster in Me
3.The Devils Doll
4. The Rebirth
5. A Last Sigh
6. Cry out for the Land
7. Memories of Never Ending Pains
8. The Rebirth II

Label: Darkside Records
Date: April 26, 2019

Here we have second album of Tunisian living legend of Heavy Metal band Carthagods. Well, when someone will take a look at number of their release, will probably think I’m crazy or they paid me for saying such things. But hey, this band exists since 1997!!! Here’s no place to explain reasons of why their debut saw the light of the day already in 2015. Well, as far as I know it’s the oldest still active Metal group in the country.

OK, but the main goal, actually the only one of this review is to tell you a word about “The Monster in Me”. So let’s do it! Just like in the case of “Carthagods” we have possibility of listening to eight songs, two should be very well known to everyone who heard mentioned debut album of Cartage’s residents. They’re recorded in a little different versions of course, by the way. However, musically there’s no changes in comparison with what we know and love for this band. Somehow, maybe I’m naive and/or apply my own standards to you, I’m taking it that the most of you know “Carthagods” well or even very well… So, this is just very well played and arranged Power Metal with some elements of other kinds of music what we have to do here with. Hm… I don’t know, but word “just” somehow connects with something average and in my opinion (and as I saw other reviews of this album, no only in my one) both this band and stuff aren’t average at all! But maybe I’m wrong and this word hasn’t anything pejorative in itself. OK, let’s leave these linguistic and even philosophic thoughts and back to the point. So… You need to be concentrate as well to notice touches I before told you about, I guess. They’re rather short ones what make it not very easy- fragments of music or vocals here and there. In general music is… Well, you should check out both releases of Tunisians by yourselves. I can only say that there’s no bigger differences between this album and debut one. I mean common character of music and stuff like that here. Anyhow, the last song, instrumental “The Rebirth II” has another climate, more lyrical, maybe even esoteric for me. But even there’s a place for some guitar technique what surely makes this song more interested.

On the end I’ll write only one sentence more. Well, probably a little more to make a text  easier to understand. We had to wait for “The Monster…” only 4 years instead of long 18. And hopefully next stuff will be available with even shorter delay!

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