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Review: Cape Fear – Harvest of the Gods

by Miloš Šebalj
Cape Fear
Cape Fear

Cape Fear – Harvest of the Gods

  1. Cape Fear
  2. Thief of Eternity
  3. Destination Fullfilled
  4. Voodoo Dance
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Marginal Sea (outro)
Label: Librarion Records
Date: September 9, 2018

Let me make a couple of remarks before I delve into the music. First of all, this is a very young band, however, they still sent me a physical copy for evaluation. That is a rare thing these days, so Cape Fear deserves a bit of respect right from the start. Next, I would like to mention that I have actually gotten their debut demo a while back, also as a physical release. Apparently, there is some hard work and belief in what they are doing. Another thing is that this EP comes as a nicely designed tape which can only bring pleasure to anybody who gets their hands on it.

Cape Fear is a Serbian two-piece, from the town of Smederevo. They’ve been around for just a couple of years, and this is the first serious effort to place their name on the scene. However…

Let me get critical. There is some inconsistency here. Cape Fear are threading a fine line between Death and Doom Metal, with a hint of Black Metal here and there and a few Progressive passages among the tunes. The most serious problem I have here are the second and the fourth song on the EP. These sound like created for King Diamond, where the “Thief of Eternity” is a bit more on the Doom side and “Voodoo Dance” is a classical King tune, even with the diversity of the vocals. The rest of the tracks tend to march in the same Doom/Death Metal direction. When it comes to them, there is really nothing too much to object. They show a band with serious knowledge of the matter at hand. Compact structures of these songs, bearing enough energy and melancholic atmosphere, should satisfy any fan of the genre. I expected a bit more on the lyrical side to comply with the feeling these tunes bring, but I will not be too critical, since this is still the very beginning of Cape Fear’s creation. There is nothing wrong on the technical side of “Harvest of the Gods”. High level musicianship, decently created atmosphere using keyboards to complement the guitar work and skillful use of the vocals, all combine to make Doom Metal in the vein of Swallow the Sun, for instance. Still it is all interrupted to some extent with those two songs and that spoils the listening experience to some extent.

In conclusion, after listening to the demo I have expected more from this band. Still, not everything is lost. I will say it again, this is a young band, obviously still searching for the correct formula for their expression. When they do, and I’m sure they will, we could be in for a real treat.

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