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Review: Calvaire – Je me souviens

by Bart Tomaszewski

Calvaire – Je me souviens

Side A
1. Nous ne descenderons plus la rivière
2. La dernière bataille
3. 15 février 1839

Side B
1. Nous ne descenderons plus la rivière
2. La dernière bataille
3. 15 février 1839

Label: Purity Through Fire
Date: November 16, 2018

Here we have with very young band to do. And this is the main, maybe even the only one, reason why I’ll don’t be very rude and dour here.

“Je me souviens” is, of course, debut demo of those two guys the most populous city of Quebec. As far as I see they’re both young and not too experienced musicians. Anyways, on this demo, released on cassette and limited to only 100 copies, we can find three songs. This is just another Black Metal act, and we can say without any “fireworks”, if you know what I mean. First one has something we can call intro and outro. This is some Folk music I’d associate more with southern States, but this is Canadian French for sure. Why I’m so sure of that? Because lyrics strongly suggest that musicians feel connection with their country, its history and culture, and this isn’t only about the language they’re written in.

By the way, music is nothing special. Actually, I feel like I’d hear one and the same riff whole the time. With drumming there’s a little better and at least from time to time Noctis change tempo. But this is still monotonous and quite boring for me, I know that that in Black Metal feelings are the most important, but…

Harslingoth who cares about vocals makes more interesting job here, even if it’s average Black Metal vocal. This is truth that he doesn’t croak all the time and we can hear also how he sings. To be honest he sounds better in these fragments in my opinion. This is nothing special, but still there’s something to it. I think, well, I’m sure, that it should make some atmosphere, climate here. Effect isn’t what guys wanted, unfortunately. That’s why cover-art doesn’t correspondent with music. And cover-art is really fine.

Well, I’m sure that true-blue Black Metalers will bless the Evil Lord and all Daemons for this stuff, they’ll also prey to them about next one. But for people like me who just listen to music, appreciate some diversity, technique in that will not fall on their knees before “Je me souviens” (“I remember”). However, even if this demo is only average one with music you’ll forget one minute, or even less, after listening, it’s not so bad. We have to remember that this is very young band with not so experienced musicians. I even can see some potential here, but guys need to work hard.

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